40% Sodium Hypochlorite


I never wore a shirt or shoes as a kid unless my parents made me. Ive a had huge sun blisters bubble up on my back/shoulders and sun burned to the color of a lobster. upper back and shoulders are riddled with big sun freckles. Ive always wondered if it will cause me problems later in life. If you had it and always wore a shirt I guess I’m SOL.


My final thought on this is to go with 55 gal drum. In most weeks, I will use at least 25 gal with some weeks using all 55. It is more uncommon for me to have a week where I use little (usually a week booked up with restaurants where I tend to use Sodium Hydrox and Potash more than SH - well maybe a post treat with SH but that is very little). For those of you that get 55 gal drums delivered (pick up the old one leave a new one), what is your method for transferring to tanks on the trailer? I’ve been looking for something like a water transfer pump that will withstand SH and last. Maybe something like a hand pump?

Where I use ALOT is with Austin Stone (white limestone block) mold and algae removal. I usually have to do multiple applications of straight SH (of course neutralize between) to get it clean. The folks in this area wait until it is so bad that it is deep in the stone and diluting with water is a waste of time. Go 12v straight SH and do at least 2 applications, sometimes three or four. It is crazy. You will go threw more SH then doing a roof. I know you shouldn’t and I have played around with DS, X-Jet, Direct Pump Up, various dwell times, Elemantor, Roof Snot etc anything I could read or find even throwing gas on the stone and lighting it up (well maybe not that). This is in Texas where this stone is everywhere - very little vinyl siding but limestone everywhere.


If I recall correctly every 18 degrees F rise in temp the gas off rate is either doubled or quadrupled.


So my garage is probably not the best option that I have. I typically go thru my order of 75-100gal per month. I just read an article that said it takes about three months for any noticeable degradation even at tempatures above 70*. I guess the real test is if it’s cleaning the surface. I just got lost in the details for about 20 minutes.


I use my roof pump (fat boy from pressuretek) to transfer


I’d love to see that article because that isn’t what I have seen in the lab.


@CaCO3Girl does SH 12.5 on tablets exist?
If so where can they be ordered?
Any good vs liquid SH?


Maybe it’s because they are referencing 6%


Just out of curiosity. What’s your opinion on my storage? < 1 months in a dark garage at 70-85*

I don’t really have any other option is why I say just out of curiosity.


There are ways to get chlorine into powders, and sell them in a safe way, pool shock comes to mind. I haven’t heard of powdered SH that would be comparable to the cheapness of liquid SH.


Yes Harold, it’s because it’s at 6%…which it likes to be at. Your 12.5% won’t last above 80.


As long as it is fresh when you get it, then less than a month in 70-80 should be okay. Especially if it’s the best option you have.




Never used pool shock.
Heard that is no good for what we do.
I would pay up $10 per gl of SH tablet if it was available.
Saves me on driving time, gas, wear and tear, and DOT limitations.


Oh I wasn’t recommending pool shock, just saying it’s an available way for solid chlorine.I imagine it would be too harsh to do what you guys do.


It’s great how this lame thread I created turned into something informative and educational. Gotta love this forum.


Chlorine tablets leave a yellow scale / tint behind that can be very tough to remove. This is why it’s not used in our industry