40% Sodium Hypochlorite


Has anyone ever heard of this? I’m in talks with a company right now that claim to be able to provide this.


I can’t imagine the fumes alone, but ive read high alkaline concentrations are very corrosive to soft metals. Im assuming your gonna still cut it, and going to save $$$ in concentrated form.


Your assumption is correct. I’m waiting on a quote to do the math. Roughly three times as strong. So if it’s twice as much I would be saving 1/3.


I wonder how fast it breaks down?


My uneducated guess is it breaks down pretty quickly but I think I’d be more concerned about the much higher chance for chem burns or lung issues.


Yes, I’ve heard of it.

  1. It will steal your breath, you really do have to wear PPE with that stuff.
  2. It burns through things quickly, don’t wait to spray down your trailer if you get it and spill it.
  3. Hope you plan on using it within a week because it doesn’t take long to drop down to 15%


40%? Hmmm DS at 1-9 and you could do roofs… tell me more lol


If it was bought at 40% and then diluted to 12.5% with tap water immediately upon arrival, would it be the same as buying a drum of 12.5%.

I’m wondering if the manufacturer dilutes to 12.5% with distilled water and if diluting with tap water would have any negative effects.


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Tap water is full of metals that will react with the SH and lower the value.

40% SH, you can bet it starts to degrade the moment it’s done reacting.

In theory IF you had 40%SH, and IF you truly had distilled water, then you could make your own SH. I caution you though, 1 gallon of SH does not weigh the same as 1 gallon of water. The SDS for the 12.5% SH says it has a specific gravity of 1.18, that means 1.18 TIMES the weight of water. So, a gallon of SH weighs 9.834 pounds and a gallon of water will weigh 8.334 pounds. the higher the concentration of SH the heavier it will be, so be careful with your mixing it isn’t going to be 1:1:


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I’m no chemist but was pretty sure that just adding tap wouldnt be the same way they produce 12.5% at the factory. I just wanted to get the whole answer from you. I have no plans of getting 40%. I just wanted to know if it could be done. Thanks as always.


Thanks, I didn’t realize the @ sign was required! Everyone of us appreciates the information you bring here!


You would be amazed at all that is in tap water, and it even varies by region. Us chemists have to put something called a chelator into our formulas so the product will foam/lather/bubble even if you are using hard water. Chelators bind up the heavy metals.

The fact that the EPA has set maximum contaminant levels (MCL) for the amount of metals like; arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, copper, mercury, selenium, nickel, thallium, antimony, and beryllium…that CAN be in tap water is disturbing as heck!


Some tap water contains % of fecal matter…


Kellog’s cereal has an allowable limit of rodent droppings per ton of product [several cup fulls I was told]. So next time your eatin your Wheaties ponder that…


I think all processed food does. Come to think of it, youd be surprised what passes over canned beverages. You’ll definitely think about it everytime you crack 1 open.


If you must know what the FDA allows then:


But, do you really want to know? You can’t unlearn this!


Ok guys, so I just heard from the sales rep. He can’t sell it to me. Apparently he didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. I think you need a special license for 40%. Then he proceeded to say he can sell it to me as 12.5. I said ok, what’s the price? He says $3 per gal. I’m currently paying 2.50 delivered. That’s where this story ends. At least we all got a chemistry lesson from the ordeal.

It would be nice in another world. One of those new fancy injectors with the proportioners ds from the same container for weeks at 40:1. But the reality of it is it’s not stable nor accessible.


So do some internet forums!