4 gpm pressure washer

What is the best 4gpm belt driven pressure washer?

The one you spend a few weeks researching and determine is the best one for you and your budget


^Agreed. You can spend 600 or 3000+ on a 4 gpm machine. What are you planning on doing with it?


I teach and coach at a middle school. Looking to start a business on the side and for the summers. Wanting to do resential house cleaning. Trying to stay under $2500 for all equipment. I already have a trailer and truck.

Or you can try the same one but 3.5@4k

Good luck staying under $2500

If u r buying quality equipment.

You can get a decent start with little cash. That’s what we did! Starter units are just that, starter units.

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Agreed im using 4gpm 4k but still after buying guns, lances, all other equipment and chems i blew threw $3k in a day.

Biggest bite was my downpayment on insurance

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Oh yea it can be easy to spend it! But if you really want to get a foot in the door an $800 pressure washer and a couple hundred bucks worth of extra hose is a start. It’s not the most professional looking rig but some folks don’t have 10 grand to drop on a rig. I didn’t when I started but we grew quickly! I just spent $2500 reworking my entire softwash System into a skid so I don’t have to pull a trailer! I know how quick it can go.


I’m right around $3,200 so far for startup… but have bought a lot of back up fittings & also some lances & guns

So we all have these questions but can’t get a simple answer. Maybe it is a secret. Simpson looks good, or a Dewalt. Not real sure. I will keep checking and let you know know, because I am curious as what will last the longest myself. P.S. I have made a few bucks just using a box store 2.5 GPM myself so don’t waste a lot of money.

This is a great little machine. Get an additional 50 ft of 3/8 pw hose, a spare trigger gun, few spare fittings, 100 ft of 3/4 hose, a M5DS nozzle, a shooter nozzle, a 16-19" surface cleaner and you’ll be ready to go for less than $2500.


Thats because everyone has their favorite brand, but really at the end of the day they are all just a honda motor with pump on it. All of the manufactures use mostly the same parts, but just slap their label on it.

I would stay away from box store though, some use proprietary parts.

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I would recommend getting the pressure pro 5.6@2500 that a few vendors sell. You’ll need a buffer tank to make sure it has ample water supply, but you would’ve wanted to set a tank up for your 4gpm eventually, anyway.

I think I managed to piece my basic rig together for around $3k total, including $300 for the trailer. So $2500 isn’t completely unrealistic if you keep it simple to start with.

Only downsides I can think of to the 5.6@2500 is that:
A) pressure pro builds them to order. So you may wait a few weeks for your machine.
B) You’ll be limited a little in what kind of surface cleaning you can do with it. But plenty of people report washing residential concrete just fine with it.

It appears powerwashstore.com currently has the lowest price on this machine. But find out exactly what accessories come with it, and get a freight quote before ordering from anyone. Arrange to have it shipped to your nearest building supply store (with their permission), so you won’t need to pay extra freight or liftgate charges.

Other tips: get the key start. The pull cords like to wear out and break. And get the skid mount model- this is too big to be lugging around, anyway.

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