4 downstream injectors. Still not pulling soap

I have tried 4 different brand new injectors. 2 of them being high draw Downstream injectors. Tried them after the pump and before the hose reel still nothing. It starts pulling soap when I start the machine than quickly stops. I’ve tried all my j rod tips and even the black soap tip, with an without ball valve. No clogs in anything, no hose leaks. I’m stumped.

post A pic of your set up,


5.5gpm 2500 psi Honda GX390. 100ft of 3/8 pressure hose. 1inch garden hose. Garden hose reel for now just to hold the garden house.

In this picture the downstream is before the hose reel but I’ve had it after the pump. And the feed from the tank is obviously not hooked up at the moment in the picture.

There is a lot going on there. Bypass the reel and see if it works then. If it does, throw that reel in the trash can. At the bottom of the can. Put trash over the top of it so no one else sees it and tries to use it :slight_smile:


Bypass the pressure hose reel? And yes I will do that and order a better quality reel. Any recommendations?

Bypass the reel first and see if that fixes it. I think there is too much restriction in the manifold

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Okay so the pressure hose reel. Will do right now. I will
Get back to you.

Please take a close up picture of the injector. If the manifold on the reel is the issue you can use the reel to hold the hose and bypass the manifold. Not ideal but there’s quite a few tech who do that.

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Bypassed the pressure hose reel and no luck. Same issue. Started to flow out than stopped.

Gotta rule out one thing at a time. Does it pull soap workout a gun attached to the hose?


I’ve tried it with the ball valve on and no soap was being pulled. I have not tried it with the ball valve completely off.

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The ball valve needs to go with the reel in the bottom of the trashs can


Is the injector installed in the correct direction?


Yes sir

Is your down stream hose collapsing under the suction?

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Show us a pic of your injector hooked up, can’t see it in the pic you posted. It’s 1/2 hidden. Also, check your filter on ds hose. Some come with a check valve which get stuck all the time… if so throw that in the can with the reel, lol. Seriously, take the filter off and see if it pulls. It’s can only be 3-4 things. It’s not a space shuttle.


I use close to same setup. My hose reel is bigger. Holds 250’ of hose but I just use it to hold my hoses. Not plumbed to machine. I pull off what I need. 100 200 or all 250ft and hook it to my pressure washer. The soap bucket sits beside my washer and only has 4ft of hose to injector. Mine pulls soap thru all 250ft no problem.


Not to sure I will check that.

This is what it looked like that at moment when I had it before the hose reel.

And I will do those things thank you.