3rd Story Bar Cleaning

I was asked to wash the floor on a 3rd story bar. To me it looks like a concrete tile but I am not sure. I REALLY don’t want to had scrub the entire floor but i’m not sure if the flooring can take any pressure. The manager doesn’t know what the flooring is (already asked). If anyone has any insight, I would appreciate it.

2nd question. I have never had a job like so any suggestions regarding logistics would be helpful. There is a water source directly below the bar so my truck could sit there. I was assuming I would have to drop the pressure line down from the top of the building and tie it off to the hand rail. For drainage, there are gaps between the tiles and all of the water runs “somewhere”. The manager wasn’t sure and I couldn’t tell.

Usually, just a type of tile. Just wash like you would any other, maybe a lttle lighter on SH since you don’t know where water drains to, depending on local regs.

So would you use a surface cleaner? Or just soft wash and rinse? There are a lot of grease and food stains.

Surface cleaner with some med. heat ( say about 150) and degreaser. Can do a test spot over in a corner, but I think you’ll be fine. Clean crap like that all the time.

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Awesome, I appreciate it @Racer!

Those appear to be porcelain pavers . THey are on raised bases so there is likely electrical and everything under them in some places. Surface cleaner should be fine but as advised do a test spot.