35ft brick building

What would be some of the best ways to wash this? Any possible way to get it all clean from the ground?

Depends on what equipment you have.

Did this from the ground with my air diaphragm pump on the front where it was more heavily stained, and xjet on the sides and back.


Nice work @BigJake

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Thanks! Had me worn out washing the building, walks, curbs, dumpster pads and retaining walls at night cause “we need it done now before Starbucks opens” and washing all my previously booked residential during the day. They were supposed to open on the 2nd of this month. Still ain’t open yet. I never seem to get commercial bids that are ok with scheduling them a month or 2 out. Always seems they needed it done yesterday. Had 4 commercial jobs that same week, along with residential. I definitely don’t mind the work, just wish they weren’t all last minute.

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Nice work, I’d be so worried about the backlit signage. I’m assuming no casualties though right?

Turned them all off at the main boxes. Told the store owners to leave them off for about a day to dry out good. No issues that I’m aware of. Rinsed them religiously. I was more concerned about the one that appeared to be brushed aluminum, which is what the owner thought it was. Upon closer inspection, it looked more like painted wood or something similar.