3400$ later

And I’ve received first shipment of hot sauce. (Manufactured in September :roll_eyes:) Now if it could please just stop SNOWING!


I’m not really sure what in that post I’m hitting “like” for… it just felt like I should…


That’s medium heat now lol

It’s medium annoying that’s for sure. Ordered 3 pallets. They come in packs of 9. The guy effs up my order every time. I ordered 3 pallets in late Feb. Finally get them now. I’m missing an order because he forgot.

I get the order and it’s 1 carboy light and get this :joy: I get one pallet of 9, one pallet of 6, one pallet of 2.

I have to make extra trips to my storage unit and back because they can’t palletize all these on 2.

I am so envious of you guys who can just drive up and get er filled and go. The BS I gotta deal with on the regular gets so old.


Here’s something that’ll really twizzle your hair…I get my 50 gallon drum delivered to my house.

I can have my carboys delivered to my house but their delivery is…spotty. they have definitely told me they’d be there and then never show up that day and I was missing too much potential work to depend on them. Also my storage unit is probably not ok with me storing chemicals in there so it’s kind of not the best situation I have going. Ive not gotten talked to, but I feel it’s different bringing my truck into my unit and offloading vs having a huge delivery truck getting buzzed in.

50 dollar deposit on every single carboy too. Out of pocket of course. Never get refunded, just goes to store credit for the next year. :face_vomiting:

Brock….who do you get it from there in Louisville?

Russ sends it to me

At least it sounds like you’re charging accordingly :sob:

Okay, I was wondering….the companies around here stop delivering to residential areas. Have to fill up at a supplier….i liked the barrels coming right to me better….although pulling up and filling up isn’t horrible, just traffic, etc. to deal with.

Oh man that’s not good. Hopefully Russ doesn’t stop doing that, I don’t like to keep more than 25 gallons in my trailer tank with these rough roads.

You paying about 200.00 for a 55 drum?

I think it’s around $230 delivered for 50 gallons

That’s pretty good delivered……

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They said “everybody”…

Should I fill out the paperwork? :joy:

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I doubt there’s paperwork… I just can’t
get the texts to stop :sob: