3000psi 3gpm softwashing

Want to get into softwashing homes, bought a 3000psi 3gpm pressure washer.
Would this be sufficient to get started softwashing, Using x-jet.
What would be good enough house wash mix.
I currently am experimenting with 10 percent SH straight up and some elemonator.
Any suggestions would be helpful


Have you had a chance to use the search feature? It’s amazing what is in this forum. Good luck!

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I have, but getting hit with information overload
Wanted someone to answer clear and concise Manner in one post

No you can’t soft wash with the homeowner machine you have nor with an Xjet. There is your clear and concise post. If you are too lazy to read this maybe you can find someone to do your research and read for you. Carry on. Genuine contractors don’t use mixes that are “good enough” so can’t help you with that one

It takes time, practice, and study. There’s multiple opinions. There is no one right way.