30 Seconds cleaner and an HOA request

A manager of a large HOA recently contacted me and asked us to give the association a quote to clean ground floor balcony walls with this product:


The balconies are covered in thick algae, there are bushes around the balconies, and the stucco is so old it’s crumbling off. They said they tried a few different chemicals, and this one removed the algae and kept it off for longer than the other chemicals they experimented with. They have 18 buildings at this association.

So I’m in a bit of interesting situation. My questions:
How is this chemical different than bleach?
Can it really keep the algae off longer?
If it kills algae, why does it not kill other, larger plants?
Can I substitute it for different chemicals that I can buy in bulk?

@CaCO3Girl, if you can help answer any of my questions in anyway, I would greatly appreciate it!

So that products active ingredient is SH. I would offer then two quotes. One with that stuff and one with your stuff at a minimum.


That’s nothing more than bleach with a nice label and marketing campaign that your getting sucked into. Ask anyone on here what they would recommend for algae, your mind will be blown!



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They probably tried everything but bleach. But they found this, probably don’t know it has bleach in it and want you to use it.

I would educate them on that product and your house wash mix. Could explain that it would be more expensive to use that product with lacking results then to use your house mix which you could say is “cheaper” and it yields much better, long lasting results. Show them before and afters too

Rarely the customer is right. Especially about chemicals.


Throw that in the trash and don’t let the customer dictate how you do your job. Most have good intentions but have no idea what they’re talking about. SH keeps algae away longer than someone who used water alone so I would use regular house wash mix or my 12 volt if I need a higher percentage of SH. If they wanted me to use that stuff I’d walk because I wouldn’t want to walk around spraying that out of a garden hose. You say “balconies” so I’m guessing it’s a few stories. It probably won’t hit up high so would need ladders.


Isnt this quats?
Anyway, its bad stuff.

But sir, I’ve read the label it says it will work :joy:


The customer isn’t always right but they’re always the customer. The question is how do you tell the customer they’re “wrong” and still get the job!


I just keep saying “WRONG” real loud every time they try and speak. I’ll sometimes throw in a buzzer sound if they keep at it.


How about buying several jugs of it. Pouring it out and replace it with beach?! :joy:


True. I have people question me all the time. I usually start with it’s a proven safe easy to wash. Then if they continue to say negative outcomes with bleach I very politely tell them that if they would like to choose the method/chemicals then I’m not the contractor they need to hire.

Most of the time if they don’t trust me as a professional I don’t want to get the job.

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I once read the label on a box of rubbers but still wound up with two kids.


Ole Brian going in Rambo style, plenty of effort going in :joy::joy:


It’s different than bleach because it’s…not, lol!

Can it really keep algae off longer…if it has a non toxic base that boasts an anti microbial that they didn’t have to disclose, very possibly. Baking soda does this. (And it’s safe to use with SH)

I’m with the guys. Customers are well meaning, but they don’t know much! If there was this much on the line I’d ask if you could do a partial test with your mix. I would show them what you charge for your chemicals, it has to be cheaper than buying this stuff at Lowe’s. This product also doesn’t shoot far as stated in the comments sections.


Take a heat gun ,Take that label off and stick it on all your new shiny buckets ,With lids of your own house wash mix, Never let the customer dictate your methods of business, You are a self employed business owner, Not their lap dog. My to cents, Back to my cage I go.


That was beautiful @hotshot. Well done :+1::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Thank you all for the information and advise. I’m in agreement, just needed some help navigating and forming my response. :slight_smile:

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Be straight with them