30’ carbon fiber “noodle”

Feel free to mock. I have a particular use-case for this that justifies the build.

This is my old SimPole WFP that doesn’t see much use anymore except occasional gutter cleaning jobs.

3/8” flexzilla air hose (for low pressure only; but this should allow me to downstream no problem, as opposed to many extension lances that are too restrictive to DS with.)

Gooseneck is just 1/2” schedule 40 pvc. Heated a section of it with the heatgun, and pulled on it till it drew down to the required diameter for my pole (3/4” in my case).

Then heated it again to put an approx. 45° bend in it.

Getting the hose through the stretched/shrunk gooseneck was a chore. Ended up using some copper wire as a snake, and lubed up the hose with dish soap to ease the process.

No gun on it yet; I have a straight gun that came off my surface cleaner that I could use, but I’m contemplating just using some velcro or something to hold my standard 2315 to the side of the pole. I like having one gun for everything, and being able to remove the pole without the need for a ball valve.

I’ll let you know how it goes on Monday.

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Interesting, what do you plan on doing with it?

Washing this apartment building. Solid 45’+ to the top of the wall in some sections. The beast will spray that high with a 5’ lance, but just barely, and I don’t like the amount of overspray it produces.

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Blue paint!! Lol

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And hardie board, no less. :joy:

Tested a section, and all seemed good.

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Been thinking about how much water weight is going to be in 30’ of 3/8” hose. I’m probably going to hate myself come Monday afternoon… :man_shrugging: :rofl:

Edit: 1.44 lbs, approximately.
Volume of a 3/8” cylinder 30’ long is ~40 cu in
Which is 0.17316 gallons x 8.31 lbs/gal
I am such a nerd… :roll_eyes:

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I’m sure some math whiz on here can calculate that.

Ah, nerds untie!

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See my edit. Lol. Not as bad as I was thinking, actually. I was anticipating it might be 2-3+ lbs.

Great minds man! I used a 8 section Sim Black on some tall stuff here and there. Just the tip of the ice berg on what I kept to myself :crazy_face: My gooseneck was made out of Type K Copper tubing.

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So, how did it go?

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Unwieldy. Lol. Thanks for asking.

I ended up reverting to the 5’ lance for most of it. Building was barely dirty, apart from the bottom 6’ or so (new construction). So I mixed up a batch of water and heavy surfactant, since there was no organics to attack. That made me feel a little better about the copious overspray :joy:

(Interesting side note: you know how hardie board sometimes gets that real streaky look when still wet? It’s not the bleach that does that. It’s the soap. Had it happen with my plain surfactant mix)

Also, I discovered in my short test run yesterday, that 45° is way too sharp an angle for an extension lance. The pole wanted to take off backwards. So I used the heat gun on it and bent it out straighter, maybe ~15°. That’s still more of an angle than is really optimal, though. I think it probably only needs about 5-10° to have a well balanced action to it.


Good work @Infinity on experimenting with new methods, I used a similar setup hooked up to my air compressor to clean cobwebs and dust from high ceilings and beams in school gymnasiums.

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Aussie, Good to hear from you. From what we see on the news over here, looks like they still have you’ll locked down tighter than a tick. Are you able to get out and do any business?


G’day @Racer , up here in the top end of Oz we are going about business as usual but the southern states are in lock down. Crazy times…


What the heck is going on in Melbourne Aussie? It’s like a war zone down there!

It’s a few days drive from here to the states gripped hard by madness which isn’t far enough for me.
More interestingly I scored a couple of weaner buffalo a few days ago for lawnmower duties if they behave and don’t bust my fences and hamburgers if they do lol.


:joy::joy: I’m sure they’ll be good boys and mow down that paddock in no time. How old are they?