30-40 ft. soap distance with electric washer

I have a Ryobi 2300 psi, 1.2 gpm electric pressure washer. I bought it to do some cleaning around my house, like cleaning the driveway and deck. It has been great. No complaints. I have a two story brick house, but there is some siding up close to the roof on one end of the house that needs to be cleaned. The house is on a hill, and the siding is on the low side of the hill, which means it starts at 30 ft. up. I’ve tried the Ryobi adjustable soap blaster nozzle, but it is only shooting soap maybe 10 ft. I’ve tried using an 18 ft. extension wand, but it won’t draw any soap from the on-board soap tank. If I use the extension wand with a 0 degree .29 orifice nozzle, the water reaches the bottom of the siding, but it’s not effective.

Is there some combination of nozzles and soap injectors that would work with my pressure washer to get soap up that high, or am I just out of luck? If my regular garden hose nozzle can spray a stream of water up 20 ft. at 60 psi, seems like a pressure washer shouldn’t have any issues reaching 40 ft. Maybe a nozzle like the “Ladder Saver” with a downstream soap injector would work?

You’re probably not going to reach that height with your equipment. You could try the ladder saver but I’m still doubtful that it will work. You may have decent luck with a foam cannon that can be adjusted from stream to fan. Good luck with it.

Thanks! Do you have any recommendations for a foam cannon?

Your garden hose gives out a lot more gpm than your 1.2gpm electric washer and will be able to reach higher than it. If you really want it cleaned I’d consider calling a professional.