3 new discount partners join the PWRA today!


Welcome Bob, Russ, and KEC!

Excellent,Excellent & Excellent.

Hi all. We are now offering PWRA members an exclusive discount on all our cleaning chemicals.
Please use coupon code “PWRA2013” during check-out for your 10% discount.
This discount includes Roof Snot chlorine stable surfactant, as well as our Lemon-Aid cover scent, all degreasers, truck and fleet washing products, and building cleaning detergents. Discount does not apply to SoftWash Systems chemicals.
[B][COLOR=“#0000FF”]Southside Equipment Cleaning Chemicals[/COLOR][/B]

Excellent! Great line up of vendors!

Don’t worry Russ, PWRA members don’t use Soft Wash Systems cleaners. We DO use a lot of Roof Snot though! Love that stuff.

Glad I read this right after ordering doh!!