3/8 45° elbow

I cant seem to find 1 like the kind that comes in unloader plumbing kits. Of course the ones I do find dont say the psi.

If you’re talking about the elbows where one end is male and the other female they’re called street elbows. If you order hydraulic fittings you’ll be good to go on the psi.

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You can find them cheaper than this but this has a pressure chart in the description. It’s good to 7800 psi. I’m not sure if the one in the link is specifically a hydraulic fitting but any hydraulic fitting will be rated higher than what we’ll ever need.

That one looks real pretty but $70 is crazy! I found one locally at power industries for $6. But your right that is exactly what you want, just cheaper lol

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He was just saying he couldn’t find pressure ratings that’s why I linked the one above. The 3/8" is $31 which I agree is really high. You can definitely find them cheaper but stainless will cost you more than carbon steel. That $6 one you purchased might be carbon but maybe not. You can sometimes find great deals locally.

Yeah,bc ouldnt find any ratings and the 1 hydraulic elbow I did find had a rating of 1000psi working pressure. Thank guys but I will source one locally.

That’s right the one I got was not stainless. Was in a pinch to get the new hose reel installed and was going to order a stainless one just need to find a good deal!

I use zoro.com for most fittings.

And if it’s pressure washing related I’m sure Russ has it at southside. The guy is incredibly helpful and knows his stuff.

picked street elbow up locally, under $8.