3/4 ton Flatbed truck pics!

Hey thinking about switching from a trailer to a flatbed truck… doing my first apt. Complex and it’s hard to move around with a trailer … anyone have some pics they can share and maybe a setup


350 gallon buffer. Two machines on custom made stainless skids, 35 gallon chem tank .55 gallon roof mix drum, and a Fatboy system, 16 in surface cleaner. Still have quite a bit of room on the right side of the buffer for pump ups and and acids


It’s telling me my other pics are to big to upload. I’ll try again later

How do you like it… I am pulling a trailer right now thinking about buying a f350 12’ flatbed …don’t know yet

Love it…mynes only 8ft bed but fits everything just fine. Easier then a trailer IMO. Only downfall is when a it’s broke down you are down vs a trailer rig.


I love that idea. I’m going to be turning my ram 1500 into a flatbed rig probably next year when I get a new truck… add to the ol fleet !

Like your stainless work

Thanks…I don’t weld. A friend of myne made those for me. A little bulkier, heavier, and bigger then i planned but they work

My next set I’ll be doing in stainless. Fight rust all the time with mine.

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I prefer aluminum. Holds up very well to SH and it’s much cheaper than stainless. When stainless is welded it’s no longer SS at the welded area. Aluminum will still be aluminum.

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This is true !

Hey you have any pics of your setup??

I’ll send you some

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