3/4 enough flow?

I’m using a 55 gal rain barrel with a 1 inch ball valve and plan on reducing to Clear Vinyl Tubing, 3/4 inch to a 3/4 strainer then to more tubing then finally to pressure washer.

Long story short am I limiting my flow to my washer by reducing to 3/4 hose and not just using 1 inch tubing with a 3/4 reducer to the pressure washer. Or would will I be fine and not effect it much with the change in diameter and get enough water regardless of 1 inch or 3/4.

Depends on what size pressure washer. 3/4” is probably good up to 4gpm or so. But most stick with 1” throughout to be on the safe side. Plus, you’re future-proofing your setup, in case you decide to upgrade to a larger machine. You won’t need to redo all the plumbing

Also, stick with crush proof suction hose (sometimes called spa hose). The vinyl stuff can collapse in hot weather, even if it’s “reinforced”

Gotcha I figured. Was just being cheap I guess lol. I’m running a 4gpm 4000psi pump currently thanks for the info!

Do you know a good place to get 1inch to 3/4 garden hose fittings?

Don’t adapt. Remove the inlet strainer assembly and replace it with one of these:


Then sell the remaining 4 to newbies in the pw’ing Facebook groups. That’s what I did, anyway.