2500 psi down to 500 psi

Hey guys need some help… I have. 5.6 gpm 2500 machine got a job coming up and I can only clean it with 500-600 psi… what tip should I use??

Check out the chart. Just look at the top row and find the psi you want. Then go down until you find 5.6 gpm (your machine’s gpm) then follow left to your tip. Look like you’ll need a #14 or #15. As far as the degree that depends on what you’re cleaning.

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So a 2515 would be 500 psi at the gun? Don’t seem right to me… I think I have talk about this before…lol. Just been a while … reason why, the job I am about to bid on for the city you can only wash with 500 psi no more

It’ll probably be right around 550 psi. Reason being is were looking for 5.6 gpm. A #15 puts out 5.30 gpm at 500 psi. A #15 puts out 5.81 at 600 psi. 5.6 gpm is about in the middle.

Why are you not “soft washing” in general?

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City job no bleach can be use… there regulations … I am just putting a bit in don’t know if I will get it

Are there other chems that the city has approved for use?

If they say no bleach, I would not use any. You are putting your company
reputation on the line using products they tell you you can not use. If you
know the job requires it to be done correctly, the answer is very simple!
Do not submit a bid- walk away.

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They expect you to clean something with less than 500psi and no chemical?

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I think he meant to say "I am just putting a “bid” in…nit “bit”… Cause yea it sounded like he was still gonna put a little SH in.

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Yeah I meant to say bid… no if they say no sh, I am not going to use sh…

Is the pain and suffering of slow, slogging cleaning worth the bid price? Lol

We don’t know what he’s cleaning? Could be the city flower garden.


The job is cleaning Brick and you have to scrub the brick with the chemical they want to use…then rinse at 500 psi

What chemical? Is it a historic building?