24v softwash

Anyone try those new 24v 10 gpm pumps for softwashing yet ? …from what i seen looks like it would be a nice addition for larger projects

Have a link?


24v would make a lot more sense. I’m only getting 3.5gpm out of my 7gpm pump after 180’ of hose.

I wonder how long you can run before you charge the battery. I can get almost 1500 hours on the little lawn mower batteries on my GX 690’s


My 12v i usually charge it up over night after 3 or so uses if i use it with just 1 …so i guess if your using it everyday all day probably charge it everynight i would guess

Those are constantly charged by the engine…but you know that already.

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Just reading about 12v battery life. I’ve gone about two weeks with charging my 12v. I have a back up in a trickle and I just bought a 8w solar panel charger/ maintainer.

Anyone have or seen issues with these new 24v? I keep hearing 2nd hand horror stories about reliability but haven’t had any first hand experience with them.

What hose sizes and metering system are you using?

Gonna bump this thread, anyone get the 24v yet?

These look like a great option, Ive been reading reviews and the common theme seems to be they arent water tight so any outside moisture seeping in triggers the motor guard and renders them unusable until you change a head or two. Looks like those with them in a box are getting good performance from them.

You can bypass that motor guard so it don’t trip every time it’s damp. Just wire it with an 30-40 amp in-line breaker.

I have an enclosed trailer so no worries with that.

Man am I gonna have to be the guinea pig here?

Running 2 7gpm pumps in parallel will give you more flow, cost about the same, plus give you redundancy in case one goes bad on the job.

How many gpm would be flowing at the end in this scenario? How is that accomplished?

Do you have a picture of such a setup?

I’ve seen a few dead ones come to the shop. Most not in boxes. But I agree with using two 7GPM pumps.

I haven’t used or tested a 24v but I’ve seen videos of good distance 50’ and 6GPM tested.

No, not anything of 2 7gpm pumps, but I do something similar. My setup is a bit unique to say the least, I run a series of cheap low gpm booster pumps tied together. I use them to boost tap pressure to about 100 psi and downstream off that to wash houses. I went with cheap disposable pumps because normal 5.5 or 7 gpm pumps need to draw from a tank and not have high inlet pressure. The cheap pumps take that just fine for about 70-80 house washes, then I have to throw them away and replace. I buy them in bulk at about $10 each, so not a big deal. Here is a link to my thread explaining my setup. I’ve made a few more tweaks since then, like covers over the pumps and a better pressure switch.

I don’t know why you couldn’t put a couple 7gpm pumps together and run them off one pressure switch similar to what I have.

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Today is raining all day here. I would love to try a 2x7gpm combined setup if it will mean great flow and reach. I have the pumps as spare ones. Anyone has a picture of such a setup? I would like to not ruin them trying it. Keep in mind the city may ban small engines for next year so this could be very helpful.

I found this in a thread from 2018, are the check valves built into the pumps already or do they need to be added? If they need to be added, what do i need exactly?