$225 House Wash - $360 to Replace Security Cameras = -$135 Loss

Over the last 14 years I can count on one hand the number of claims I have paid out, because from the day I started in this business my motto has been if I didn’t know how to do it, I said no to the job. So, this caught me by surprise when a customer called today and said that his security company came out yesterday to look at his non working cameras and found two of the five filled with water. They immediately asked him if the house had been pressure washed recently and said they see this all the time.

Seriously? I have washed dozens of houses and never had an issue with cameras under the eaves. I guess I’m going to add a $5 per camera charge to climb up there and cover them and add a disclaimer to my T&C.

At $180 a piece, I’m just glad it wasn’t all 5!


I feel ya. We fried 4 gfi’s today. All on 3rd floor balconies with the covers open. No way to see them. We settled on $40 each. Kinda nobody’s fault. Residents notices didn’t tell them to close the covers.

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That’s odd! Pur lf the hundreds of security cameras I’ve installed or worked on throughout my IT career, all have been waterproof if done correctly. Makes me wonder if the installers did a shady install, most specifically, not sealing the imcoming cable properly.


I washed a house 2 weeks ago that had at least 6 cameras (that I counted) when I did my pre walkaround I asked if they were waterproof. The owner said yes and they would take them down anyway. I just played dumb “yea, that sounds great I would hate to damage one by accident”. You would think they would all be sealed from the elements though right?! Jeez $180 a pop sucks man.