2021 trailer Build

This winter I will be starting my new trailer build. Last year I quickly ran out of room in my truck. I purchased an 14’ enclosed trailer and will be starting the build.
I was going to order the trailer exactly like I wanted but wanted to long to order. I was planning on ordering the trailer with a concession stly door curbside for hose reels. They now have 20-24 week build time and I can’t want that long. Let the fun begin…

This was my old set up and definitely looking forward to all the extra room.

This is the new trailer.


Ramp door or barn doors on the back?

Unfortunately ramp, definitely wasn’t what I wanted but it was all I could find locally in stock.

This is like the one I was going to order, but that side door was going to be on the other side and it was going to have barn doors with 5200# axles

The one I ended up buying was only $4890 for 2021 model and it has 7’ 3" interior height

Dang both are sweet trailers!! Obviously the one you have will serve you well and is very stylish! I don’t know exactly how hard it is to get barn doors added but itd be worth a shot asking the people you bought from if it’s possible

I’m at month 3 waiting for my trailer to be built by Proline Trailers in VA. I love the black theme on your trailer. Really sharp.

Nice looking trailer.

You must buy a lot of stuff if your bringing a trailer to walmart. In your top picture you have both your chocks on the same side of the tires. Do you have chocks on the other side as well, or is there a grade there? Looks level in the pic that is why I am asking.

Oh no, looks like @Innocentbystander has a trailer in his future for cheer wine and hot dog sales.

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Lol, no I had to stop at Walmart on the way home to pick up some groceries. It looks level in the picture, but it is on an incline. I have wheel chocks on both sides because of the incline

How is your build going?

Haven’t really started on it yet due to weather. I will be spraying Raptor liner in it hopefully next week.