2013 Pressure Washing Convention and Trade Show- Official Thread

This is the place to document this year’s Pressure Washing Convention and Trade Show at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, TN. Post up your pics and comments as the convention unfolds. Let’s get a TON of pictures up so everyone can enjoy this historic event whether they were there or not!

So, you want us to basically rub it in to those who didn’t come? I can do that :slight_smile:

There is water everywhere. Very appropriate. Nice place.

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Road grime. Just pulled into Nashville. Picking up a couple rowdies at the airport, then headed to the hotel.

I’m leaving now and should be there by 2

This place is incredible.

Just registered!

Wifey and I just got to Nashville… 11 hour road trip…and shes pregnant…wow

Made it!

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How much would you charge for this???

Curt, in the house!

Starting to fill up

Residential sales domination, with Thad.

Looks like the convention is going to “Rock”!! I’m passing this info on to a couple of other bulletin boards so others can see what their missing;)

Amazing info, and awesome trade show. Lots of goodies.

Hope you win a few john. It just icing on the cake–Enjoy.

Commercial sales class…

OK, the official numbers are in:

224 contractors representing 132 unique companies were at the 2013 Pressure Washing Convention.

Awesome. Congratulations, Thad. You put on a great event. Thanks, again.