2013 New Orleans Networking Event Followup Thread

Comments, questions, reviews, and especially PICTURES- post them up here!

I’m really really disappointed I wasn’t able to be there.

It was awesome…Taking the day off today but going to be putting the hammer down for tomorrow…I don’t know what to start on first.

I had a great time. Spectacular event with stand up people. Went to work today in 40 degree weather bc I was so motivated. To Kevin’s advice and got a nice camera so I can start switching out some photos,I’m working on a new Certification program and reworking my responsibid thanks to Curt, Anya was well it my wife so it’s just Anya, Perry was great as usual… I have a ton of pictures but most are up on the Facebook side. Maybe we can start working on a PWRA contractor “How to Do” event. I would love to attended and bring my employee. Can’t wait till NOLA 2014!!!

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Alex Curry

I hope there is a NOLA 2014!!

Want to specifically thank Bob with pressuretex for all he did and has done over the years for this event. Get to save some money on my next order as my name came out of the hat.

I hate that I missed it too. Have to wait till next year.

We loved it. The speakers were great and the hospitality down there was excellent. Good to see some old friends as well.

Thad, You did it again. It gets better and better. Curt, Anya, Michael , Perry and Kevin all drove it home. I was glued to my seat during the whole event. The room was packed out. So to duplicate this next year at the Beauregard House it will have to be limited attendance as it was this year or switch to a large venue. But a larger venue means more $$ and overhead to bring off a similar quality event. I think where we are now has the quaint atmosphere that will be hard to duplicate elsewhere. One part of me says keep it limited and Cool and the other side says move it make it larger and hope the coolness follows.

Just for thought, is it about the people, networking and training? Does the location " make it " or can we " make it " elsewhere? Is it 50/50, 80/20, 70/30? We really do have something special here as a group and as an event. I would like to see more be able to join in and participate. Just food for thought.

Mike we’ll just have to move it to the superdome!

I can’t speak from this event as I wasn’t there. In the past when I attended business events, I have found that smaller groups such as this made it much easier to meet other attendees and the learning atmosphere is more comfortably. The exchange of information and meeting people is half of the reason many people attend these kinds of events. Big venues tend to be more formal and less friendly. I will be there next year what ever the size of the venue (but keep it small please). Just my 2 cents.

Thad, I can honestly say after being at every Nola event so far, this was the best one yet. The group of professional men and women keeps getting better and better. Not to mention the quality speakers and invaluable information they are sharing. Great work and thanks for all the hard work.

Thanks, Trey.
As you said, you and me go all the way back to the beginning of this thing. I’m glad to hear it’s going the right direction.

What to do about next yr?? Gotta love the pressure…washing …resource

Looking forward to the show in 2014. I really appreciate all thechard work Thad and the speakers put into the event. Perry Tait came all the way from China to speak. What commitment.

Sunrise early Saturday morning after some much needed beignet’s from Cafe de Monde.

I was inundated with these digital signs when I hit SFO back home.

Charlie Laurie from A-1 showing us the nice promo flag he puts up at customers homes.

Hey Randy, it says invalid link for me.

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[CENTER][SIZE=5]The Seventh Annual New Orleans Networking Event
January 24, 25 2014[/SIZE][/CENTER]

[SIZE=3][SIZE=4]Yes, we are going to do it again!

We got the venue back and we are going to laissez les bon temps roullez in 2014. Kick start your year with a poboy and 190 Octane-fueled marketing and business building extravaganza like no other! Meet with other business owners who are just as serious as you are about taking your business to the absolute pinnacle.

All killer, no filler- simply the best info available at any event.

Email me at thad@pressurewashingresource.com for tickets. They’re going fast already![/SIZE][/SIZE]