200ft hose for sale NEW

Im gonna have a shipment come in of 4k psi nonmarking hose. I will have continous length of 200ft I wont be using, so I’ll sell it, no ends. Color is canary. Say $300 shipped?

Canary like bright yellow?

Not really bright bright I dont think, def not fluorescent, on the brighter side.

Like kuritec yellow. I wanted yellow for the visibility factor.

I’ll pass. I like my hose big, black and tough to handle. In my experience though they leave marks. :wink:


Just kidding word play aside I like Gray hose.

wait a minute, not so fast, does the yellow leave marks?

No, well I don’t know. I guess you didn’t get my joke.

I was being funny but used the word hose (which is what the thread was about ) in a way that could have been talking about a woman who you pay to have intercourse. They are spelled different but pronounced the same. It’s not funny when I explain it.


Sorry to derail your thread.

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I got it, but can never be too sure about the marking part.

Got it! :+1:

I knew it was a joke but not about a women.

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Keep it. You will eventually need it.

I’m still cracking up about them hose