2 Story Home thoughts!?

So this is the first time I’ve used my jrod set up on a home like this. Looking on tips on how to improve my time if possible I thought I hit a good target. It took me three hours and fifteen minutes. The gap was tight and I had to jump the neighbors fence. There was also a carport/utilities garage I failed to take a picture of. Having a hard time uploading images.

From what you posted, figure 20 minutes with two machines, 45 minutes with one guy. Stay out if neighbors yard

You should have upsold all that concreate. The only thing on that house that worries me, are those old style power lines. Looks good

Wow that’s a lot of angles going on. I feel your pain, we have similar houses here in the old part of Louisville that are packed together like sardines and getting to rebated second stories like that are darn near impossible without a ladder or angling from the yard next door.

60-75 min depending on if needed stronger mix for parts of porch

Just me. Knew the neighbors lol. Man I’m slow. I also tape off all recepticols. I had to make a couple passed on some areas. Heavy mildew in the deep South.

Doing it later in the year.

@Innocentbystander Happy birthday


(Derail, slightly) How has your DS inj worked out for you and the new 5.5 machine? You running 200ft hose right?

Yeah this is more of our historical area of town.

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It’s working well, so much better than my 4/4200. I’m still ironing out the details with my DS remote, had to move it away from the machine…and I may just use some strong magnets to take it out completely. When it works, the 2.1 injector is just fine with 200’.

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If your new don’t worry about how long it takes you. Learn, see where you need to improve and what you can do or buy to make things easier. Who cares how long it takes these guys to do it. The longer you do it the faster you’ll get. I recommend a pump sprayer for small concrete pillars, foundations and concrete porches. If it’s taking to long to kill the green add more sh to your mix.


Thanks for the info! I’m newish. I did use a stronger mix in a sprayer for the porch. I just wanted tips on how to improve time seems like everyone wanted to quote their fastest time. I’m still happy with it I made what I wanted and honestly I know I take more time than others I can be overly anal about things. Plus I always try to speak with my customers. Thanks again.


i have that problem too… i dont mind chatting a bit, helps build a relationship.


Ugh. I love it when they aren’t home. I try to build the relationship by talking to them on my estimate days but hate it when they want to chat when I’m trying to actually work.

I dont do in person estimates… normally a 2-3 min phone call or text/email convo.

Most chatting is done when we do walk around, but they linger sometimes. I dont mind it, if it goes more than a few minutes then i will start doing what i need to.

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I wish I could do only phone estimates. I’ve tried it and just got screwed constantly. I have a much better closing rate when I meet them in person. Everyone with a pickup truck and $400 to spend is a pressure washing company. People think I know what I’m doing when they see my rig.

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I love it when the customer is home or comes out to follow me around. I just talk while I work, get them to help out, explain what I’m doing, even let them play with my equipment if they want. I’ll let them soap or rinse while I take a break and supervise them. And they appreciate how hard I work and knowledge. They love it. I get my biggest tips from those.


We roll up and leave if the customer won’t stay inside while we work. You are a kinder soul than me :slight_smile:

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I just like the free labor, lol