2 man set up...?

I have an 8 GPM envirospec pressure washer. I want to set it up for two guns to be able to run off it so I can take my other 4 GPM machine off my set up. I’m lost on it all… Any help would be greatly appreciated! I will be out of pocket for about 12 hrs but thank you in advance for any info!

soap with the 4 and rinse with the 8

Anything else is a waste of time and money

What JC said.

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Why didn’t you just buy another 4 gpm unit if you’re splitting flow? Makes no sense. Like the man said…soap with the 4 rinse with the 8.

I have one 4 gpm hot water one 7 gpm hot water one 8.5 gpm hot water and one 4 gpm cold water. two alkota one allision one lamda. why i want to split the 8 is because of gas station washing. Would like to apply soap and rinse faster with the split 4 washing with 8 with sc. Some of my stations are big some are small and we have to do 3 a night. Trying to speed things up that’s all. Anyone have any info on helping me set it up?

Ok I’ve got to the t and don’t fully understand why I need chem injectors in each gun line…? Said to help with the spiking once one gun is released.? Any help…? Please