2 hoses

When you guys are connecting 2 100’ hoses, do you use quick connects, or just thread them together?

Also, the hose, that came with the real I won, says 3000’ psi. My machine is 3500. I’m guessing that could cause a problem?

I use quick connects for the 100 foot hose… makes them easier to manage.

Technically you should not use the 3000 psi with a higher rated pressure washer. However, the hoses can handle more pressure then whats stated on them. I think they’re generally tested to 3x that of the stated operating pressure. I personally wouldn’t be afraid to use 3000 psi hose with a 3500 psi machine. Probably not with hot water, though.

If you’re rolling hose on a reel though, you really want a continuous section of hose. I wouldn’t roll hoses up with a connection in the middle.

I would like to buy 200’ of continuous hose, but this is what I have for now. Would there be issues with using a quick connect on the reel?

Just be careful not to wind it up too tight. You’ll notice it won’t wrap around the hose reel very well, so try to put the connection off to the side of the reel. I would not use the pressure washer with the hose still on the reel, especially the connected part - but it’s typically not good to have hose on the reel while your pressure washing anyhow.

Thanks, Micah.

What Micah said.

But direct connections should be less bulky and easier to wrap on the reel than quick connects.

That’s what we run, no problem with QC at the reel…here’s a tip…put a hydraulic 45 on the 90 coming out of the reel, this helps to not put the hose in a bind or kink.