2 Box Van Builds

Hey guys, I’ve really enjoyed reading up on everyones new builds on this forum, its been very helpful. We’re looking to grow this year and are looking to build out 2 box trucks. We are replacing our 14’ enclosed trailer and a chevy express. Both were fitted for pressure washing/softwashing/window cleaning. Honestly the van just didn’t have enough room and we hated pulling the trailer soo the box trucks look like the best of both worlds! We decided to go with used 14’ uhaul trucks. They honestly look like the best deal out there for what you get, a little awkward looking but hoping to get a full wrap on them! Here is the 1st one we just picked up for $7200

It’s an E450 with a V10 guzzler. Supposed to be very reliable vans and they have been strictly maintained by uhaul. The box has an aluminum floor great for bleach! And they come with a middle seat so I can hopefully train 2 guys at once come March. We plan on fitting them both with an 8 gpm and a 4. 330 gal ibc tote and 55 gal bleach, roof pump with proportioner. And a pure water system for window cleaning with a 55 gal tank. Very excited to start these builds. Just waiting for our equipment to come in and hoping to get them done by before our season arrives! :grimacing:


Looking to the same, only with a flatbed npr or fuso. Tired of my turning radius between my van and trailer, and my van doesn’t have enough room to organize everything. Was going to go with a box, but I don’t want a hot washer in an enclosed space.

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Interested to see your finished build. I contemplated getting a used uhaul truck so I am curious how this works out for you.

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We’re putting a couple doors on the side for ventilation and easy access… we thought about a flatbed but would rather keep everything contained and out of the elements (we’re in Michigan)

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I’ve thought about the weather too (SC so not so bad) but at some point I hope to have a shop, likely next year. My main reason for want a box truck is I would love to put a composing toilet in it! Also I don’t want all my equipment visible in my neighborhood for someone to make a shopping list from, but at the end of the day I want the extra weight capacity and ease of working from a flatbed.

How many miles on it? What size is that box?

Trying to find a good flatbed like pulling teeth around here. I need at least a 12’ bed. All the NPR’s get grabbed by the landscapers. I need something with a low bed though so I can get in parking garages with equipment mounted. Let me know you see anything down there.


Broaden your search radius. It will likely lower your price as well. I’m sure you know this and are just too busy to go get it haha

@Racer Rick, I’ve seen a few pop up, but idk if they were low beds or not as I’m not familiar with the available bed heights yet. I did find an frr 18 ft bed that is older for 8k I think. I can send you the link if it’s still available. If you pm or post your specs you want I’ll keep an eye out in my area as I do my search.

  1. And a 14’ box. It’s actually only a 12’ with a couple extra ft over the cab. Definitely wouldn’t fit in a parking garage lol

That’s a nice size box.

Rick this may be to far for you but check out Miami Truck Center or Marietta Truck Sales in Atlanta. They both deal in off lease and used corporate trucks. All very well maintained usually 100k to 150k miles. I have purchased from both

Thanks. I’ve seen some listed on the Miami site, but a little far. Marietta pretty close though.

How have the trucks you’ve bought from them held up over time? After doing some research, I haven’t been too impressed with Uhual’s “maintenance” and I know people are way harder on rented and leased trucks than they would be on their own vehicle.

I know that’s not a Uhual company you’re talking about, just trying to get an idea of how they compare.

Could you put a flatbed on this??

You can negotiate that price usually 1 or 2 thousand

That’s not bad. Wonder what it would cost to put and aluminum flat bed on it and what size? Is that the same length as your chassis?

Looks like around 12k for a new aluminum 14’ bed

Sheesh, couldn’t be that much I wouldn’t think. Have seen the 8’ for about 2500

That was a 20’ chassis. Anything shorter comes with the box on them

I don’t know…I just got curious and looked at a couple of manufacturers’ websites after reading this thread…Aluminum flat beds are high dollar when you get into the larger ones.