2 4gpm to 8

i herad of guys linking to pw togather how can i do this

[MENTION=6909]Russ Johnson[/MENTION] has a kit

I have too and still don’t understand…Why? Jumper hoses, check valves, extra fittings, 2 of everything that could fail, wasted space…etc.

Why not just buy an 8 gpm unit and be done with it?

does it up the psi out put or just gpm

Just the gpm. If you have 2 different pressures, you have to run at the lower of the two.

I own a couple of those jumper/connector hoses with the check valve that we used them for when we had 4gpm PW’s. Today our smallest powerwasher is 8gm but those connector hoses with the check valve we still use to combine 2-8’s when we really need some serious gpm’s for rinsing such as cleaning a parking garage.

Just another tool to have in your arsenal cause you just never know when you can us them.

Does this have the same power as 1 8 GPM machine?


Because if someone already has a 4 GPM unit, they could be running 8 GPM for just a few hundred dollars more. 4 GPM machines are a dime a dozen on Craigslist, while used 8 GPMs are rare. It’s a pain sometimes, but worth it until I can afford a new 8 GPM.

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I will be jumping on this train also, I have 2 machines and won’t be able to afford an 8gm before next summer so I would rather run these 2 in the ground and make some good money. Russ gave me a quote and it’s really affordable. Good to know its something I would possibly even use on bigger machines in the future!

It was kinda a rhetorical statement there Josh, kinda already knew the answer…

Not being a “Tool” here but…I don’t understand how $3,000 can stand in the way producing elevated amounts of profit for someones business. It’s a small investment considering the profit potential in other words.

I see. Didn’t realize it was supposed to be rhetorical. I was just trying to explain from my perspective why I do it.

I totally I agree, you should not be afraid to spend money to invest in making your business more profitable. Pretty much every penny I make above paying my bills goes back into the business. Unfortunately, lately that number has been zero. You can bet I would trade my two 4 GPM machines for one 8 GPM machine in a heartbeat. I just don’t have $3000 to spend right now, nor do I have room in the budget for another payment, regardless as whether or not it would pay for itself over time. I’m not complaining though, I got myself into this mess, and it will just take some patience for me to get myself out of it. But for now, I make do with what I’ve got.

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Right on Josh!!

That’s exactly what I did years ago until I was able to afford my first 8gpm Powerwasher. Also buying that PW hose connector set-up is good to have in your arsenal because you never know if you will need to hook up two 8’s down the road which we do today at times for high rinsing GPM’s.

This picture here is from a few years ago when we were doing a Parking garage and I needed 3 8gpm machines and we had two then. The cheapest and easiest way once again was for us to connect my 2 old 4gpm machines together once again which is what your seeing in this picture.

I would recommend all to buy that PW connector hose set-up…cause you just never know when You’ll need it.