1st roof done

So we knocked out our first. roof today with no major issues. I didn’t rinse because so many people recommended not to but it leaves me nervous as hell think we might get a light rain and I’m going to get that dreaded call. Let’s hope I don’t. Think I might rinse the next one tomorrow just so I sleep better


Looks good.

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Good job!

Nice Job.

Very nice

Stupid question? Maybe. Do you guys walk that type of roof or do it from a ladder or what ? Nice job Btw!

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Personallly I’d walk it.

Congrats! I see tons of black streaked roofs here in Louisville, maybe some day I’ll get into it.

Looks nice. Great work. The problems tend to arise a week or two later concerning vegetation.

Here are a few pics of a roof we did today. This one was bad. I can’t thank you guys enough on all the knowledge you all have shared. It’s been so helpful I haven’t really had to ask much. I’ve been able to find just about any question I’ve had. @Hotshot I walked the roof. I prefer walking any roof I can just to control runoff and get an even spread. We pre soaked all vegetation again today, soaked while spraying and soaked after the roof rinse. Hopefully this will be good enough. Oh and sorry for all the pictures I just wanted to share what you guys have inadvertently thought me.


Looks good!

I’ve never done tile roofs. Not very common here. Do you worry about tiles cracking while walking the roof?

I would look into using a ladder stabilizer.

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