1st driveway done

Started researching on here about two weeks ago and shortly after bought some equipment. 4K PSI 4 gpm pressure pro belt driven, hammerhead 18” surface cleaner. 100ft flexzilla, 100ft of pressure hose. Don’t know the brand of pressure hose, Simpson I believe. Will be upgrading that ASAP.

These are pics of the work I got done of my own driveway. Also did some concrete in the back yard (not pictured). Did the back yard with just a wand even though my surface cleaner would’ve knocked it out quicker. Just wanted to get the feel for using a wand and sc in the same day. Quickly found out that I’m going to have to build a trailer to be more efficient. Was thinking maybe could just load and un load everything starting out but that’s for the birds. Also felt that I could have gone a little quicker with the surface cleaner, but I’ll work that out in time.

Tell me what you think of the pictures, what I could do better or what I did wrong. Roast me if need be. I won’t get butt hurt.

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Looks good to me. You are heading in the right direction and seem to have a good attitude. Here’s a link to the search bar since it’s been out of order for a while now. Research everything that comes to mind and you’ll learn tons. You’ll learn things you didn’t even think of while researching. Best of luck.


Thanks man. Yeah been using it a lot.

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Where are the after pics?

Just kidding, not bad. Read up on post treating. Will make a big difference. Be sure to rinse often enough while doing. Couple of spots looks like you may have let dirty water sit too long, but may just be the pic.


Post treating is a must.

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Looks pretty good to me. Post treat will help a lot and frequent rinsing. Exposed aggregate is a painand thats 90% of the drives here.
Good luck

Yeah I’m going to start post treating. Got the PW in yesterday and was itchin to use it so I didn’t have any chemicals.

I felt like I was spending a lot of time rinsing through out though. But maybe I did leave some dirty water sit to long.


Get yourself a floor squeegee. Comes in handy for a lot of situations you will run into.
You can zone in pretty hard starting flatwork. Found by using the squeegee every so often it got me used to keeping watch on the project as a whole.

Copy and save the link to the search bar in your favorites. Dont use the top bar. Scroll down to where is says community search and use that one. For some reason I can’t go back to what i searched for. It brings me back to the search bar page. So i copy whatever im searching, like concrete cleaning, so i can paste it when i get redirected back to the search bar page. Search before you ask is the easiest way and will keep you in good graces. There’s days of reading material here. Read 10-20 different post on one subject. Everyone has an opinion and does thing differently. Make notes on your phone of different problems and what the solution was or different chemicals and ratios for use. If you can think of it, it’s been covered. Im brand new but i still cringe when someone asks a question that could have been answered in 5 minutes of research. Hope this helps and good luck.

Take your time with the surface cleaner. Also theres been a multitude of posts about people destroying concrete with pressure washing… so do your research before you start doing just any job you can get!

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Its hard to believe the time difference when you get a trailer and hose reels

First time I got my surface cleaner I was hunting down any concrete I could find. My neighbor probably thinks I’m a weirdo for doing his driveway for free.

I’m still hunting any concrete I can find. just not for free