1st commercial job. 28k sq ft how to price

I have someone who wants me to pressure wash a 28k sq ft building. It is all brick and I am wondering what kind of pricing guide one would use to bid this job. Any help is appreciated!

apply “pressure” to all of the brick ? Do you have any pics ?

What is your email…i can send you some.

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Every market is different. Figure out how much cost will be for you and how much you need to make and bid it accordingly. The first mistake I ever made when we started our business was to look to the internet for pricing guidelines. I lost several jobs in the beginning listening to people in forums telling me how to price in my market. I learned very quickly while we all do the same thing, the market pricing is vastly different…

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Alright, thanks for the response.

MrFixit is right. I struggled with that for a long time. A lot of the pricing I saw was in areas where the population was 25-50k. I’m in SW Iowa, surrounded by farming communities, but no competition except by a painter that does it on the side. So I’ve got the market all to myself, but convincing people they need my services has been the struggle. I have gotten all but one of the jobs I’ve bid, so perhaps I’m a little on the low side. So some things to think about - what’s the population/demographic and is there competition. You’ll also want to take into account if you’ll need to rent any equipment (I recently had to rent a 34’ lift), how difficult the job might be (how hard will it be to clean), any try to objectively figure out what types of obstacles you might run into. Figure out what you want to make per hour as your personal pay, and what your overhead costs are. Add those up and then add in a profit margin.

I could probably charge 50% more if I was in a different area. For example, in Dallas or San Francisco, in a well-to-do neighborhood, you might be able to charge upwards of $500-$700 for a whole house wash on a ranch style home. In my area, $350 is a more reasonable rate. I’m sure there’s guys out there that might be able to give you a better idea or actual prices they charge, but this is the conclusion I’ve come to.

I’ve also read once that you want to lose a small percentage of your bids. If you’re getting them all, you’re price is too low & if you’re not getting enough, you’re too high. Just some food for thought.

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Every job and every customer is different. So much goes into pricing. Be fair, price accordingly and do a good job. My highest “home” price yet was $2400. A big house but was worth it for both the customer and us.

Got a bid request to a large 20,000 sq ft tire store. Walls 20’ high all thick texture on concrete. General question here. If regular pricing on residential is x/sf what formula for commercial? Half the regular price?

Also. I’ll be using my new 12v real softwash setup for this job If I get it. So putting probably 4% on the wall. Would say there is probably 12,000 sf of walls about how many gallons of sh would I be using? I’m guessing about 50 gallons. If you only need 1 gal per 1000 on regular 1% house wash then that would be 12 but then times 4 for the 4% is 48. Does that seem realistic?

Got a pic of the building. Depends how dirty it is? Since you’re new here I’ll tell you that requests for specific cleaning help and or pricing are pretty much worthless unless we can see what you’re cleaning.

Pics removed. Thanks @qons

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Most of it doesn’t look very dirty except for that one bad streak at the end of building. I would think you could ds the vast majority of it. Are you just cleaning building or sidewalks too? I’d probably be about .08/ sq ft of building. Like $2200 - 2500 ish


Sidewalks and window detail 72 panes with waterfed pole. Softwash 3000sf colored concrete plus 160ft surface clean regular concrete. Awnings roll up door and inside and out of covered parking area in back.
Edit: all water has to be reclaimed too

That’s going to be a big ticket.

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@Seandz sometimes guys on here will blackout the name of the company on any pics they post for a job they’re bidding. Why? So that any competitor on this forum that lives in their area can’t contact that same company and ask to give a quote as well.

There are many, many readers on this forum even if they rarely/never comment.


Thanks for the input appreciate it!