1st commercial building help

hey guys I have a 20,000 sq ft building to bid on but what I really need help on is the mix. This place is dirty!! I don’t think my house mix is going to cut it. I will be DSing at about 10 / 1. How strong and how much. I was going to ask if I could test a mix on the place(I know the person who run’s the place) but i’m just tryin to get an idea. And I try not to let the mix dry on a house but would it matter on this, its painted stucco.


That would be x-jet or direct apply roof mix for us. It probably will require some up close and personal agitation. The results can be astounding.

I have to rent a lift so I could use my fatboy to apply my mix. So are you talking 50/50 with roof snot or should I use fresh wash.


Roof Snot is not necessarily made for rinsing ease so I would prefer to use simple cherry. 30/70 would probably be closer to the mix.

A test spot would tell you a lot (including how slow it can go at times).

What is the substrate?

painted stucco

this is a big job I really want to downstream this, no takers on downstreaming



you make me feel like im back home with that word:cool:

ok so fatboy it is now to figure how much SH I will need, how many gallons of mix?


Test spot, test spot, test spot