1st big commercial bid


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Here’s what I have to give a quote on 13,000 sqft, I haven’t step foot on property yet but got these pics off Google map. What would best way to clean this? This would be my very first big job like this. Top part is stucco. Any advice would be a


You’ll wash the entire thing the same. Might need pressure on the concrete part. 12v, hit it strong. There’s no landscaping to worry about. Very small amount of glass. This is a good job.

I’d say 2 days, but I’d bid for 3.


Thanks @squidskc would $0.50 sqft be close for something like this?


And by strong mix how strong u talking about? 2% sh or higher


I would use 4% or higher.
Also may want to bid the concrete surrounding the building. With a hot mix dripping off the building the concrete will be splotchy.


Thanks I didnt think about that, that’s y knew I could get good advice from u guys


I was going to say 3, but 4 will clean faster. The concrete will probably only be blotchy right up against wall and toward drains. You can just hit that along the way with your 12v if that’s the case. SH probably won’t touch the other stuff on that concrete.


Y, that’s a good one to get started on, not too bad. About like everyone said around a 3.5% net mix. Xjet may work well for that. Most doesn’t look that bad. If you have a helper should be pretty easy long one day job. Just treat it like a large dirty house. Take it one side at a time. soap it, let it dwell about 7-8 min, hit the really bad spots again, let sit and then rinse On those sides w/o many windows should fly. Maybe go ahead a soap those on your first pass after you soap the front and let it sit for awhile. Won’t hurt it. That split face block use medium to decent pressure to rinse. It’ll look like new. I’d be around …30/ft .

Be sure to keep windows wet on sides where you have long dwell time


Thank you @Racer

So after going by a looking at it. Come to find out theres no water spicket located anywhere around the building but theres one on the building right beside there. I’m gonna have him find out about hooking up to it or I’m not gonna be able to take this job. Theres a fire hydrant in the back parking lot which would be the ticket but after speaking with the city they do not allow hooking up to hydrants so a water source is my problem now.


Do they not have a spigot inside?


Yeah, as chris said, check inside. Also, talk to the city water dept. I’ve never heard of one that didn’t ( for a fee) offer a hydrant meter/tap.


Well I found a spicket on the building right beside of this property and told him if he could get permission from them it would be great.

Racer Iv never heard that before either but when I called the water department for the city. They said the only way that i could do it, is I would have to have a tank, come to their public works and let them fill my tank. I offered to rent a hydrant meter and all. That’s a lot of trips to wash that building. I’m working on a few options. The inside spicket was my next go to if I can ever get him to come let me in. They dont move in till March and he hasn’t been able to meet me there yet.


What’s the difference between a spigot, faucet and tap?

(That’s not actually a joke as it sounds like one!)


Go see the guy next door yourself and give him $50 and build it into your price. Sounds like waiting on the other guy may take awhile.


Spigot, faucet, tap and bib are all the same thing. I know Hendersonville, NC doesn’t let you use their hydrants. Lost 5 apartment complexes there because of it


Wasn’t worth renting a water truck for a few days?


Easier money to be made elsewhere


I need that problem!