19, Want to Start a Pressure Washing Business

Im 19 years old, currently working full time. I’m looking to start pressure washing driveways, softwashing houses, fences, windows etc.

I have been looking at this https://www.homedepot.com/p/Simpson-SIMPSON-PowerShot-PS4240-4200-PSI-at-4-0-GPM-HONDA-GX390-Cold-Water-Pressure-Washer-60456/203448619

I’m also looking into getting a surface cleaner, chemicals, sprayers for sealing/treatments, and some extra hoses.

If anyone can help expand on some of the essentials I need that would be a great help. I just have a question. I currently drive a Toyota Camry and while I am all for getting a truck later down the line, would it be okay for me to start with my Camry and just doing small residential jobs to start this up, eventually expanding and buying a truck with a trailer set up.

I am already starting to get logos together to put up a facebook page, buy some shirts, and start a website.

Thanks for your help, I’ve been a lurker for a while now.


Welcome! Make sure you have insurance - general liability insurance for pressure washing: expect to pay $800-1400 a year.

There’s a lot to say, and I think it would do you well to talk to someone who has done this for many years. Create a list of questions you have and reach out for a phone conversation. How will you operate out of a Toyota Camry? I started out at 19 and am 25 now. I would have done things a lot different looking back. More risk = more reward. Buy once cry once. Sell your Camry and get a truck. I started with a 2001 Chevvy S10 I bought used with 125,000 miles for $2500, rusted out around the bottom from Erie, PA winters. Liability insurance is paramount as a beginner. I know these aren’t fun things to talk about, but once you get your feet wet you’ll be glad you did. Yes a website and Logo are important and fun, those won’t make you money for a while. Nothing will make your business excel like talking to people.


I lift a slightly smaller machine in and out of the bed of my F150 at every job site. I can tell you lifting 125 lbs up and down onto a nice flat platform such as a tailgate isn’t as easy as I’d like it to be. The machine you are looking at is larger and weighs ten pounds more than mine does. I couldn’t imagine trying to get that maneuvered into the trunk of a car. The correct way, as everyone here will tell you, is to get a truck or a trailer and leave the washer on it. Long hoses will be required to do this, but it’s much easier to roll a hose (especially if you have a reel) than to lift a washer.


And the SC to boot. :joy:


And the smell of bleach will linger in your car. The scent will not help your resell value when you do decide to buy a truck. Ask the guys here who run enclosed trailers. The bleach actually destroys their trailers if not vented properly if I recall correctly.


I would love to sell it but I’m currently leasing it lol. I have about a year and a half left, seeing everyone’s responses I understand it’s gonna be hard getting everything in and out of a Camry. I think I might just finance a used truck or van for now I can put some money down on it still have enough for all the equipment to start.

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You can also finance pressure washers through some sellers.

see if the leaser will allow a hitch to be installed and get a super small trailer for the PW. or something like this used for wheelchairs. https://www.harborfreight.com/aluminum-mobility-wheelchair-and-scooter-carrier-67599.html?ccdenc=eyJjb2RlIjoiMzkyNTcyNzQiLCJza3UiOiI2NzU5OSIsImlzIjoiMTI5Ljk5IiwicHJvZHVjdF9p ZCI6IjQ2NzMifQ%3D%3D &cid=paid_google|||67599&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=&utm_content=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI28fBnpHD6QIVluDICh2skAZQEAQYAiABEgKTzvD_BwE

I am not recommending that brand, it is just a pic. I am just giving you another option, and second the opinons of others about a truck and insurance.

Its possible to haul a lil trailer

Who’s that one fella that had the little trailer that could ?


Buy that trailer and hotshot will throw in 3 nights on the broke back mountain resort, all meals included.


This is my inner Dave Ramsey speaking. If you need to finance, you can’t afford it. Wash some houses and save up for what you want. Thank me later.


I’m sure you know the room you have in your monthly expenses, but I’d definitely consider the small trailer option like @Hotshot mentioned if you have room to store it. Getting into financing when you still have 1-1/2 year left on your commute car and you don’t know 1. Whether you’ll like pressure washing 2. Whether or not you’ll get customers, this may not be the most prudent thing. You can always go through with the truck financing and either move the equipment onto the bed or keep hauling the trailer if you find yourself happy and successful in this business.


Everyone mentions insurance but if your insurance doesn’t have care custody and control or something similar it isn’t going to help you if you destroy someone’s siding, break a window or ruin the paint on a new door.
Start small work small. Small jobs to learn, read the forum, and talk to other guys who do it.


Exactly. It has to specifically cover washing and some companies don’t refer to it as care custody and control. But it clearly states they cover damages caused by you washing the property. Like Joseph D Walters and Hiscox do not cover ladder work or working on roofs (verified this last week). Frank Crum does, as do a few others. Frank Crum was $1750 for B++ rated and $1950 for A-. New Republic quoted me $1400 but I am having trouble finding enough information about them to be comfortable and the AIX underwriter they use. These numbers are for Texas by the way.

19 and want to start his own business. I love it. If you have questions PM me I will help you all I can.


At your age, and especially if there are no kids, significant others, or even rent, I’d save up like crazy. Work double shifts, or get a second job. Save it all, and study up on techniques and how-to’s in the meantime - not just for washing, but for how to run, market, and advertise a business. Put a business plan together - not just a “where I want to be” list, but more importantly a “how I’m realistically going to get there” list. Do that for a year or so, then buy a decent truck, trailer and wash setup. File for an LLC, get insured, pay someone to put a nice website together and run seo for you, and hit the ground running full on. The wait may suck, but the head start you’ll have on even guys who may have started before you would be miles ahead. Not to mention, you’ll probably have more options in liability insurance coverages. Most won’t insure under a certain age.


I used to have a trailer i got from harbor freight,hauled a go cart with it the car i had was a hyundai accent,good price ,like 400,bucks

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Oh heck no, the car isn’t even yours. Get a separate vehicle.

At my current job working 5 days 11 hours each day I make $715, and $510 is cash. I can save up pretty damn well, no rent just a car payment and insurance thank god I’m fortunate. Jake before I came back on to check the posts I was thinking exactly this, I have about $3000 saved for this and I could start saving more and start mid summer, finance a truck get a setup etc. But I think the smarter idea would be to save up for this whole year and start late winter/early spring. This way I’ll be able to buy the truck and everything else cash as well as pay for setting up the LLC/insurance. I will do what you say and use my time to really start a business plan.

Next week I’m going to rent a power washer, surface cleaner, and some other things to do work on my parents house and see how everything is first hand so I know for sure I will like this field of work.