19" Surface Cleaner Nozzle Size and 8 gpm adjustments

Just wondering want everyone is using. I am setting up an 8 gpm machine with a 2 nozzle 19" WW classic.

I have been running 2503’s on a 4gpm machine and I believe that puts me around 1800-2000 psi.

I would like to stay in this range so if I am reading the chart properly 2506’s put me @ 2000 psi and with 200 ft of hose and some friction lose etc I would be in the 1700 - 1800 range. Maybe someone can double check me on that.

My pump crapped out on me today so I have been running around trying to get the new machine set up. I have a new jrod and am picking up some downstream injectors tomorrow. I re-plumbed my buffer tank to a 1 1/2" feed hose, I need to adjust the unloader and install the battery and I am ready to fire it up and try everything. Anything else I should change before using the larger machine?

Normally I like to not be so rushed but I am fairly busy at the moment and am trying not to move everyone around. Thanks for the feedback.


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You need 2504’s. 1 inch is more than sufficient for a feed line.


So what psi does 2504 produce? Is that in the 3500 range?

You’re machine won’t produce 3500 psi probably. If you don’t use the proper nozzles you will be bypassing a lot of water. 2504 will give you more volume and less pressure than the 2503. Pressure should be irrelevant if you are getting max flow anyway

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Ok, that’s interesting. I didn’t think about the machine not even running at 3500 psi, that is a good point. So with the psi lose at the pump and friction lose the best I could ever produce is probably 3000 psi.

I think I see what you are saying about 2504’s giving more volume and less pressure than 2503’s but that is on the same machine, correct? I was saying earlier that I was running the 2503’s on the 4 gpm machine. I wasn’t planning on using those on the 8gpm.

I was thinking I would use 2505’s or 2506’s because I didn’t want to tear up pebbles and soft concrete, I am only doing residential stuff. So wouldn’t that also give me more flow and less pressure? Unless I am just not following your point.

I didn’t catch the 4gpm machine part. Your machine probably maxes at 3k psi. Subtract 300 psi for every 100ft of hose. Use nozzle that match your gpm. 2504 . If you want less pressure you can try a larger nozzle but you are going to have a hard time getting anything clean. Experiment.

10-4 thanks for the feedback