16gallon Tank question


Does anyone Know If i Can vertically Mount these 2small tanks. i’m Not Really Sure What Size the drain hole plug Is.


I wouldn’t, potential leak from the fill cap.


Sell 'em or trade 'em for vertical tanks.

What @dcbrock said - they will leak out the lid and you will have to fill from the bulkhead fitting which looks to be 1 1/2". You don’t want it to leak as Murphy will make sure the to wait until you have a full tank and then 1/2 of that will leak out before you notice leaving you with 8 gal of chem on the ground to deal with…

I got some 15 gal used chemical drums from the local car wash supplier for free. They go around and service all the car wash places within 100 miles and have all kinds of 5 gal jugs and 15 gal jugs they just throw away.


If you’re trying to save space why not mount them on top of the tote?


Two of these will fit in the space of one of those tanks:


Lead time on them is ridiculous, though


And they’re not DOT approved (if that matters).


I’m finding this to be true on all tanks and all distributors. I’ve been trying to order a small 3-7 gallon tank and haven’t been able to find one anywhere that wasn’t going to take a couple months to get.


Call me I have an extra one


Dunno Probably Be hard To fill. I’m Kinda Just winging It. I Have a decent amount Of room With Them there.
My 1St van build. Also This Is My 1St offical season.


Shipping Is Probably Crazy too.
I got these from northern. Free shippin took 4 DAYS To Get