150’ - 200’ Retractable Supply Hose Reel

Hey everybody, I have looked and looked for a good affordable quality built retractable garden hose reel that will hold 150’ of 5/8” but I’m not having much luck. Im trying to stay away from hand crank for this reel.

What do you guys use? I emailed hannay to get a quote, not expecting less than $200 though. I’d say my price range is $100 - $150. My pressure hose is on a hannay 1520-17-18. Thanks for your input y’all.

Are you talking about a spring rewind? They don’t have those for 1500 series reels. If they did you be looking at over a grand. The coil spring mechanism would not be the best idea for that length. Quit bugging Hannay, it’s manual or electric those are your two options.

Do you also feel bugged when a paying customer asks a question? Nah… thanks for your input though.

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No I don’t because I am in the service industry. Hannay is a manufacturer so that’s totally different. It’s like calling up Ford with a question about how much the new F550 is. Hannay will most likely just send your request to a dealer anyway. But with your budget in mind it’s all for nothing

Ok man. You’re right. Thanks again.

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Yes, yes I do.


For anyone that reads this that is looking for a affordable retractable 100’ 5/8” reel:

Bannon Retractable Supply Hose Reel

It’s a little heavy but it’s the best you’ll find. I got mine for $211 shipped.

I just bought a used Hannay auto rewind off eBay and the thing is HEAVY! I’m thinking 60-70 lbs unloaded. It’s for water fed pole hose

Can you post a pic or link to it? I’m looking for same purpose wfp

Got this one off eBay. Again… heavy. By the feel…70 lbs or so

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