14ft Box Truck Build

Hello everybody,

Just bought myself a diesel 14 ft box truck for the business and am looking to get it ready for the spring as my cleaning season is slowing down in the northeast.

I bought an 8gpm 3500 psi machine, and have the 1/2 all flow air diaphragm pump with a 6hp air compressor to push it out.

I need help with plumbing ( if anyone has a step by step video that someone took, greatly appreciated ) , from drilling the holes in the water tanks, to connecting the hoses to the pressure washer and air pump etc.

layout- how should a typical layout look? im going to be drawing it out and posting it here within the next few days. BEFORE LAYOUT: ** Do I need to line my metal bed with that rhino liner stuff? or??**
I was thinking of having the 3 reels stacking on left side of the door, then the pressure washer behind it, and then the air compressor next to it, followed by the air diaphragm hung up on the wall some how… then having my 325gallon tank of water in the middle in the back, then my 55 gallon SH drum in the left corner… followed by my 28 ft ladder hung inside at an angle so it can fit for gutter cleanings etc… leaving the right side of the box exposed to add buckets, storage boxes etc.

do any of you guys have detailed pics of your box trucks SPECIFICALLY with an air compressor and all flo pump etc… that you can post here or message me. I want to really get this going before it gets cold and wont be able to work on it.

Open to suggestions of how to set things up, I basically have everything to do it all. just need a step by step of how to plumb it and what goes where.

Let me know, much appreciated in advanced. hope this post sparks up some great ideas :smiley:


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There are some good videos on youtube.

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Youtube has a ton of videos and the forums will answer a lot of your questions but all the advice won’t help if you don’t have a general idea what you want. I got my general idea from the above but it took a lot longer to install than I anticipated.

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Here is my set-up. I have a 14ft box as well. Not sure what your air compressor set-up is used for…
I’m going to be changing this layout this winter. Having the big tank in the middle is a major pain.


I’ll have to agree with these guys on YouTube. At the end of the day every thing is going to have an inlet and an outlet. Put filters at all the inlets.

@Jason_Geiman1 put up a video of drilling tanks. Search installing bulkhead fittings. The only thing I would do differently is use a step bit under 1 1/2" because it pulls the chip (cut material) out and leaves a cleaner hole. Plus there’s usually just one long chip instead of a bunch of different little chips.

PM me and I’ll send you some step bits as a welcome to the business and for going big on your machines and truck. Also, if you’d like I just finished replumbing and installing 1/2 roof pumps on the trailer. If you have an iPhone we can FaceTime sometime this week and I’ll walk you through all the plumbing.

Or maybe I’ll make a YouTube video. Or both.


Oh, you got your box truck wrapped? Looks freaking nice! Very noticeable and very good marketing. Have you had clientele say that they seen your truck and that’s why they called? Surely. Looks nice.

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Thanks for being such an integral part of this forum. You’re probably still a greeny in some eyes, but you’re a stand up guy.

Nice wrap


Agreed. Beautifully done. I love business names that are hard to forget and even mentioned your company in a comment awhile back, but I couldn’t remember who it belonged to. My three favorite business names on here are yours, Sir Wash-A-Lot, and Monster Powerwashing: Nice to you. Mean to dirt.

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Thanks for the kind words. I don’t know about integral, but I enjoy being helpful far more than the other mess that’s gone on lately.

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Box truck looks great! And to add to what @squidskc said about step bits…once you use a step bit run one of these around the cut hole. Itll take and smooth out the edges. Works good on poly.


Hi James,
Welcome to the forum. Looks like you’re in my backyard, lol. I’m in Brattleboro, VT, just north of the border.

As Brodie (@squidskc) mentioned, good for you for investing in good equipment this early in your business. If I had any experience with box trucks or air diaphragm systems, I would offer to meet up and help you out. But alas, I’m small potatoes. I just have a rinky dink flatbed to pull around for my occasional pw jobs between window cleaning :smirk:

Wishing you much success in your new endeavor (south of the border, anyway :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

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I really like this box truck build… he has his reels where they pass through the side of the truck.


Heres a good link to use gives you the basics on how the plumbing will work for a buffer tank.

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No pick-ups from just the truck yet. Every customer comments on it and how professional and nice it looks but thats it so far

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Thanks man, the name was a product of me, my mom, and my wife throwing around ideas and thats what stuck!

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Nice thanks!

That’s what my truck wrap is looking to be like

That Blue Ridge setup is sweeet!