12v vs 120v

What is everyone running?? What the pros and cons between the two??

On what?

I have a Generator built into my HW Pressure Washer. I like it a lot. Gives me a outlet for plugs and other things when needed. Only problem is when the generators do go they can cost a pretty penny to replace…

On your pw

Some say the 120 is less mantanice and don’t go down as much…

I’ve had both types. 12v are as reliable as the person that takes care of them. The main reason they go out is because the systems rely on a deep cycle battery to fire the relay that fires the igniter. Some will cheap out and put a car or lawn mower battery in there. Those batteries just don’t have the amps for a 12 v system, and in most cases fry the relay or worse.

The only problem we’ve had with 120v systems is adjusting the belt, but I haven’t heard good things about voltmaster generators. If a generator goes out that’s $400-600 bucks.

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Well guess it’s 12volts for me…

My 12V has been rocking and rolling for 3 years with no problems and the same battery.

What kind of battery is good to use? 12v deep cycle marine battery?

I’m pretty sure that’s all I’ve seen recommended. I found a Exide Nautilus at Menards for $70 and so far hasn’t let me down. It’s only been a couple weeks though. Lol

How is that solar panel charger working out for you?

Pretty much worthless. It’s only 1.5 watts so it’s like a trickle charger. Today I was under trees no matter where I would’ve parked.

I have run out of battery yet though and I’ve run it pretty consistently for 8 hours. I just put the battery tender on it at night.

Awesome. Thanks. Looking to part together a 12v softwash system. I’m getting a 5.5 gpm pump tomorrow as a starter.

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