12v suction side

Ok guys, they say no stupid questions and thats why this site is hete, to learn. Forget about why im asking this, i will explain later. Has to do with a ball valve to get water to rinse a 12v pump. I heard somewhere that it is not recommended to use any garden hose fitting anywhere on the suction side of a 12v pump because it HIGHLY increases the chances of air being introduced to the system. Is that correct?

yes it is

NT has their 5.5 gpm pumps on sale, about $50 off, got email this am

Thank you. So if i keep things simple and run one line suction to chem tank, do you have a recommendation on my easiest way to rinse the pump daily? Should i build a splitter with ball valves having one run to water tank? Just want to clean out the pump, im using the reel only as storage.

Im going with the Everflow and I hear Everflow builds the NS pumps and honestly I hear bad things about both of them but at $129 for the 5.5 Everflow ill do what everybody else recommends and keep a spare on the truck. You have mentioned NS before, is that what you use and have you had good experience with them?

No I’ve had bad experience with them. that’s why I recommend.


Yes, just put 3 way to switch between water and SH on your incoming SH line or if using drop tube, drop it in bucket of water for about 30-45 seconds

Ok thanks.

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