12v Spray Rig Stains, Sealer, Remote Locations Etc

We get a lot of questions about 12v systems for smaller/low pressure applications so I thought I would share this. I finally tried uploading pics from my phone instead of the computer and it worked, so now I’ll write the text on the computer.
The guts of this is nothing more than a Northern Tool 2.2 GPM spray rig. The yellow hand truck is a large one from Harbor Freight. The tires roll across most ground with no issue. The bottom of it collapses flat. This thing will break down in about 5 min and fit in the truck of a four door car. You can buy this sprayer with or without the spray bar attachment you would use on an ATV or UTV, you obviously don’t need the spray bar but if you look right next tot he pump you will see the connector with two ports, one goes into the tank and the other goes to a pick up line I can put into anything. It can be purchased separately That’s a high dollar valve, I got it two for about $6.00 in the irrigation section of HD. I allows me to pump from the tank or a bucket. That’s 3/8’s hose. The battery is a small AGM battery I bought at batteries plus, I’ve never run it flat. If you look at the picture with my boots showing you will see a couple of metal pieces sticking out from the bottom of the hand truck. Those go under the sprayer and the battery sits on them. I use a Solo spray wand, about 19.00 at NT.
This thing is very versatile, I have used it for staining (obviously), spraying SH before I got a larger system, applying concrete sealer and One Restore. It’s handy when your job is 300’ from the closet place you can park etc. The pumps are readily available (I burned one up) and the entire system costs less than $500.00. Use coupons for everything. You can assemble this without the tank and mount it on piece of wood for that matter but I like that I can mix 15 gal of oil based stain and knock out most jobs when I need to.


What size battery?

I really beed to build something like this.

Group 35 - 35 amp hr

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