12v Softwash schematic questions

Hey everyone,

New to the business and had a few questions.
I’ve attached a picture of a schematic and was wondering if this setup would work.

My questions are:

  1. If this setup doesnt work, what needs to be
  2. what size pump to shoot 30’-40’? 5.5 or 7 gpm?
  3. Recommendations on accumulator and electric
  4. what size hose throughout
  5. can I put soap and sh in same tank?


Okay, first…what do you think an accumulator does?

Your SH has to be before the pump. Everything on 12v is upstreamed.

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I’m guessing its on the wrong side of the pump😂

It wouldn’t mix with the water after the pump giving me the same ratio as before and after the pump?

You’ve got this 12v system all wrong in your noggin buddy. The search bar will answer every one of your questions and save you a ton of time and money. Just search “basic softwash setup” or something like that and you’ll get it in no time.

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Doing it as we speak. Subtract the accumulator and move the sh before the pump, is there a different way you would build it?

I run an AODD system (air) with a proportioner.


Depends on how fancy you want to make it and whether you want to batch mix or use a proportioning system.

Separate tanks and proportioning

Seperate tanks/proportioning

Thoughts on the original post’s questions?

You run water, SH, and surfactant to the proportioner. Then you run that to the pump, then run a line from the pump to your reel. Connect a 12V battery to the pump. That’s it.


Appreciate it, brother!

1/2" or 5/8" for a 5.5gpm pump?

1/2" for either one.

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this is a simple set up. you will have to batch mix/no proportioner.
also what im building for my rig. I been reading and researching for a long time. do yourself a favor, and read read and read. trust me all the answers are already here just look for them. very easy.

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I purchased a bandit (12v) system last year and have been running it with a Proportioner and have been getting around 30’ distance from the ground w/ 1/2” hose inlet. Do you think changing Proportioner inlets and hose leading to pump to 5/8 or 3/4 would get me a little further reach? I’d love to get 3-4 more feet distance. Bandit has 7 gpm fatboy by the way.

Have you had any issues? with the AODD? thats the setup I want to do. My ALL FLO 1/2 pump, I was told may have a shorter life span pulling through the metering valve.
My All-flo is dedicated as a roof only setup. I’m looking to change that soon if I can confirm limited issues.

I use a 10GPM flojet and I’ve done 5 roofs with no issues. Trying to meet up with my local buddy who uses a 12V to do a side by side comparison video but our schedules haven’t worked so far.

The all flo is I think 17 gpm but at the end of 200 foot it’s like 4gpm. I love the pump. The air compressor Is a Home Depot rigid twin tank 5.5 hp it does just ok looking to upgrade soon.

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