12v roof cleaning. Is this adequate

I recently did a roof with my xjet and that worked fine because I was on the ground, turned my motor down a bit to allow a bit more concentration. But for houses that I need to fight gravity with I have this small electric 12v pump. 1.8gpm , 120’ of hose on a reel. I can cover a 10x10 space in a couple Minutes. Is this practical?With such low GPM would that justify usage?
If not should I just buy a another pump. Thanks

Dawg. You have got to do some reading here. Straight SH on a roof? 6-7%?

C’mon man.

Yo dawg how about you just be helpful. I’ve done a lot of reading

No you haven’t. You’ve read five hours in 18 days. We can all see your read time.

I’d be glad to help you. But first you need to help yourself.

Great 6-7% thanks for the help. I’ll 50/50 my chem tank.

LOL are you @bleachblaster’s brother?


Forgive my newbiness. This is why I asked

It’s perfectly fine to be a newbie. Nothing to forgive there. But if you ever want to move past the newbie stage then you’re going to have to put in some effort to actually learn this trade and it’s processes.

The questions you’re asking tell me that you are just flying by the seat or your pants and hoping for the best. Bleachblaster did the same thing and ruined thousands of dollars worth of stone and all of a sudden he’s not around anymore and his Facebook page hasn’t been updated in months. If you wish to follow his path then by all means put forth as little effort as humanly possible. If you’d like to be successful and make some money then you’re going to have to want to learn.

Type “roof cleaning” in the search bar above and just start reading. Eventually you’ll realize how far off you are from actually being ready to clean a roof. Some guys can jump right into roof cleaning and some guys need to learn the basics of washing before they even attempt it.

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Boy do I miss that kid bleachblaster, he made us all look like pros lol.


Lol yep. Sure made me feel like I had even a little bit of a clue what I am doing.

Great thanks. I’m reading a bunch now. Fortunately I haven’t ruined anyone’s homes and have been house washing for nearly 6 months now.
I have done several one story roofs that my xjet worked adequately for.
I’ve had some Bid opportunities come by that require me to harness up and get on the roof. (I worked for a roofing company prior so I have harness experience)
I see the FatBoy pump is the go to for roof washing. Learning learning.

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Over haul the pump & hose + reel ! Get a 5.5-7gpm, up to 60-100 psi with 1/2 in di hose…


Good deal. I cannot stress enough how you need to read and when you think you have it more or less figured out THEN ask questions.

It’s like when you see someone broken down at an intersection. If they’re just sitting there waiting for help you’re probably not going to stop and help them out. But if you saw them get out and start pushing their car you’d be more inclined to stop and help them push. There’s no magic number for read time but even one hour a day will help you immensely.

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Someone forwarded me a very helpful book on starting a PW business and I’ve read that front to back and then some. That’s helped immensely.
This is easily turning into my full time job and that was the plan from the get go. I’m 100% all in on it

Oh here we go. You opened the box


That book is a fraction of the information available here. And, unlike the book, all of this information is completely free. Not to mention the author of that book has lost the respect of a large percentage of the members here and has less experience in the industry than you do if you’ve really been washing for six months.


Wow didn’t realize that. There were somethings that I didn’t take away from it just based off of my
Own experience

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Of that I have no doubt. You know what they say. Those who can do. Those who can’t teach. Only in this case the teacher just stole all of his information from others with actual real-world experience and packaged it nicely to make it attractive to the uninformed.


Wowwww lol. What a schemer :joy::joy:

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Mind sharing with the group the name of the book that helped you so much with turning this into a business - might be helpful to others as well.