12v pump setup

After yesterday’s awning I am realizing that I can’t do everything with my force fed ds injector. Looks like I have to use a 12 V pump for roof mix or higher concentrate mix with its own line. I have two 55 gallon tanks on the truck. One of them is for straight SH and the other is designed to be my mix tank. I currently have an Optima yellow top deep cycle battery that stays well charged with a good alternator on the pressure washer. I was wondering if someone could recommend a good 12 V pump that I can connect to my mix tank directly. From there run a line to a poly wand and make a specific strength mix in the mix tank and pump it straight out onto the surfaces that need to be cleaned real hot. Since I can forcefeed my DS injector it would be not that often I would need to do this so I wouldn’t feel like I’m losing a lot of time by not having a real proportioner and mixing on the fly. Ultimately next season I will probably buy a proportioner so want to get the right pump now to work with it later. Is there a pump that can work off 1 deep cycle battery? That’s good enough to run with a proportioner at the end? Does adding a proportioner even matter about pump performance? Space is limited to trying to squeeze this in somewhere.

Best 12v pump to do this on a single deep cycle battery (without spending a fortune)

What kind of hose should I use?

Should I get a small hose reel for it? (Would need to be pretty small as I have very limited space. In reality I should have at least 200’ I guess and should probably find a place to squeeze a reel somewhere. Thanks in advance.

Stick to using a pump up for awnings. You don’t need lots of flow to apply the mix. As for 12v set ups, search on here and you’ll find all the info and examples you need to build yourself a sufficient set up.


Lowes has a pump up made just for applying bleach. Although, I could not get a stream out of it, just fan, it sprays well.

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Chapin makes one and it’s adjustable. I’ve seen them at Menards but you can also order on Amazon. Although, @Hotshot said the regular sprayers last just as long but he might be running some strong acids through them. They do have the brown viton seals. I’ve had 6% sh in one all season and still going strong. Seems all the sprayers fail because the gun starts leaking. I got to where I just buy some cheap $5 sprayers from Wal-Mart. They have a good warranty so you can exchange them if you want. I usually just toss them though because I absolutely hate waiting in line at the customer service counter. I should start collecting them and just exchange like 50 at once. I think the two gallon sprayer at Wal-Mart has a lifetime warranty and the one gallon either a year or maybe it was 3 years.

Here’s the Chapin. It runs about $10-$15.



Setup pretty simple.


The Walmart pump-up I have is my favorite. Adjustable tip. Serious distance on the spray if needed. And it’s lasted forever.

You’ve got that right. I know I’ve pumped the heck out of it trying to hit a stucco chimney and it shot well over 30 feet.


I just picked this one up at home depot before an awning job on Saturday. It came with 3 different nozzles which was cool. The twist one shoots a good distance.


I think Ill pick one of those up too.

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Get an everflo on demand pump. I like the 5.5gpm pumps (EF5500) . It will run off one battery, but not sure your exact question there as they all run off one battery. A proportioner wont really matter as far as pumps go. You will hook it up after the pump so it shouldn’t matter what pump your using. I have a mixing system from Midwest ( @LLSSJSSAS and love it. I use it way more than I thought I would. I think I remember you saying you did a lot of stucco so you would get a lot of use out of it. I do a good bit of stucco and its come in very handy being able to dial your mix in on the fly. And yes, you will want 200’ of hose. I believe mine is Flextec, like Kuritec but @LLSSJSSAS can answer that for sure. With 200’ of hose you definitely wont want to hand roll it every time so I would highly suggest a hose reel.

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Go ahead and invest in a mixing system and you can run everything off your one SH tank. No need for a mix tank.

Thanks guys. I got two more roof jobs now one gotta do Saturday. I don’t mind spending 3-400 on a pump that will put our high gpm. What is the fastest/best pump that will allow me to apply quickly? Running two businesses and time is always against me! Also fastest place to ship it so I can have for this Saturday?

Here’s a 7 gpm that some of us use. This one is a 100 psi but I remember @Racer recently said you can get the 60 psi and there’s an adjustment screw.

If you call Sprayer Depot they’ll let you know when you should get it or could possibly overnight it. Pressure washing stores sell it too so might be able to find a place that has one in stock who’s a little closer to you. Sprayer Depot is out of Florida.

1/4” or 3/8”? I already have the pump lol I thought the one I had was different.

Ok so it’s 1/2” and I should get kuritec or flextec for my 200’-300’ of Softwash hose? Use a regular reel with it? What’s the best poly gun to use?

If you are referring to hose size, yes, go at least 1/2”.

@LLSSJSSAS Brian, you want to chime in and help him out?

Call Brian at Midwest. He can get you set up with everything you need and the best customer service to back it all up. 317-695-7543

A lot of us make our own gun out of a ball valve, some schedule, 80, and a jrod. You can also make an adapter to where you can use an assortment of garden hose sprayers.

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It’s a toss up probably between the 5 and 7 gpm pumps. I like the 5 and feel like it puts out enough but not too much, where others may like the 7. If your wanting speed, maybe the 7 would be best for you, all personal opinion if you ask me. 5 does great for me for roofs as well as everything else like post treating concrete or even using on stucco or anything I need a hotter mix on.

A few companies sell an adapter that you can put on a Gilmore gun to use a jrod with, or Suttner makes a poly gun that a lot of people use. Or like @marinegrunt mentioned, a lot of people make their own. Again, personal preference. I’m using the Sutner gun but want to try the Gilmore next season.