12v pump parts?

I have a Remco 7gpm 60psi, the head cracked and I had to buy a new pump (different make). Anyone know where I can just get the head for it, the motor is fine and I’d like to have a backup.

Call Remko

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Just for a point of argument…is this a business move, or a “because I can” thing? Just wash a house and pay for a 2nd new pump, and probably spend less time than screwing with a tinker project. If it’s a tinker project for a hobby, then by all means hand your buddy your beer and have at it.

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I personally look at 12v a consumable in this business. Pitch it and get a new one. I do the same with hoses too…just my opinion. But yeah I’m sure you can find a head for it from Remco.

Thanks I’ll give them a call. These used to be $170, now they run at least $240. If I can just get the head for a lot less then I’ll have a backup.

I went your way this year with a pump and it was such a time sink. You of course may be more mechanically inclined than me, but i ended up snapping the head trying to put it on where everything was equal and sucking and never did get that thing working. In my opinion, its not worth the headache. However you go i wish you the best!

Inquiring minds want to know. How did the head of a Remco pump crack?


If you can add one extra housewash in the time you’d spend, you can make the $240 and have a brand new backup :wink:

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I was so mad that I had to take a step back and think this way. I could spend time trying to fix that one, breaking a new part each time, and then waiting for more parts to arrive pony express style or just call it a loss and buy new ones. I bought new ones and it was much better for my sanity :smiley:


and ultimately for your bottom line too I’m sure

Haha yes. I did do some testing on that new pump. I abused the living heck out of it. Put it away dirty, never rinsed it, etc. It lasted like 3 weeks. The next one was back to normal maintenance and has been chugging all summer.

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I may or may not have drained all the water out over the winter.

As for repairing vs buying new, I just want to try replacing the head as I like to tinker. Over the winter I refurbished a couple washers and sold for a profit.

Sounds like capital gains taxes this year on that profit :wink:

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