12v fittings

Rigging up 12v next week. Pump manufacturers manual says not to use brass fittings to the plastic pump threads but ive seen plenty of the same pumps with brass so is it ok to do? If so when going brass to plastic should it be blue stuff or tape?

[Polypropylene Straight Adapters - Pressure Tek]

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Also, I used teflon on mine. The psi is way too low to worry about the blue stuff.

I went with the 5.5 Everflo as those are the ones I see most and they are cheap enough to keep 2 on the truck. Everythong is on order and next week ill do the build. Thanks bro.

Send pics of setup completed!

Next weekend after this most likely.

Teflon tape on high pressure, pipe dope on low pressure or so I heard, lol.

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The reason they say that is because when tightening plastic to plastic it’ll eventually feel “tight enough”. Metal fittings are so hard and sharp they’ll rip the threads out before the connection ever feels tight. Just be careful with that and you’ll be totally fine


I hear blue monster is best. Off to spend the day buying an array of fittings, nuts n bolts, E track, etc to build drop sticks, hang stuff, secure stuff, bolt stuff, glue stuff etc. Lol.

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Blue Monster is by far the best tape. Even with cheap Chinese fittings that aren’t machined the greatest, it will seal them up and hold 4000 psi without a drip. All my connections have both the tape and just a bit of their pipe dope. I know one or the other alone will do, but I’ve always done both and never have a leak at a threaded connection ever. With the plain white tape or cheaper dope I used to chase drips all the time.

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I haven’t had a leak since switching to thread locker blue gel for pressure fittings. It also cleans out easily if you need to take it apart & reuse.

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Thread locker blue is great but it can eat plastic so better reserved for high pressure stuff. It cleared up all the leaks in my HP reel when I installed it. The blue monster for my LP pump stuff is completly sold out in the area so im gonna try this stuff called MEGALOC. It doesent actually lock threads its just a sealer for all metals and plastics. Installed my 55 gal drum today, waiting now on delivery of pump, 3/4 suction line and other accessories. In my 5X8 enclosed trailer I got 3 reels, 55 gal tank, 35 gal tank, 420 cc motor, 6 sets of hoses, tool box, 2 wands, and street cone and still have enough room in here to make love. LOL.

I was refering to Blue Monster goop sealer. Apparantly every lowes in the area is out of it till next week so I went with another brand thats strickly sealer for all metals and plastic. When it comes to metal to metal HP fittings I found the Locktite thread sealer blue 242 to be great. Ill plumb the whole pump system and 3 way valve and test it with water. SH is a bit thicker so I figure if it hols water it will hold SH. Definitly added a water tank for 12v rinse. Im fanatical about cleaning all my gear after service, especially with PW since I have a cheap AAA pump. Pump protector after any use as our water here is calcium filled.

Is that the Permatex?

Yes, Permatex Gel. Awesome stuff. It even smells good haha.

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If you like smelling that stuff try breathing pure Argon gas 30 feet underwater. Head feels like a spinning rubber band. Very narcotic under pressure. Lol.

Haha, I don’t sit around and snort it. But the room smells like blueberries while I’m putting things together. My noggin is rubbery enough already.

Brass is ok but I wouldn’t recommend any especially on a 12V system thats going to have strong sh through it. The brass gets oxidized so fast and then the orifice starts closing up quick. Run plastic everywhere possible and then run your brass or stainless only on your fittings that take stress like your hose or hose reel. When you plumb your pump give yourself extra slack on the in and out of your pump so when it burns up you have extra line when you cut the hose. Also for your next pump get a pump that has the quick connects with the oring style fittings then all your plumbing can stay the same when you swap pumps.

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