12v feed and quick connect questions?

Putting my rig together. I ordered 1" input hose. Seems like over kill but will it cause any issues? Do I need a strainer on the end or? What filter would you suggest if any? I’d like to put a disconnect before the gun. Camlock seems fragile to be there? Maybe a 3/8 or 1/2 SS quick connect? Thank you!

Why before the gun? More chances of leaks …Don’t use a gun, go with a ball valve you’ll be much happier

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I want to try out the ball valve but I ordered 5/8. I have 1/2 on the way

I don’t think the size of the ball valve matters much. I’ve seen guys using 1/2 to 3/4. :+1:

If your threads on your hose is 1/2 in then it matters lol. You could run an adapter but more chances for leaks.

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Yep, just run a bushing. With sealant it should be good.

you sure don’t need a 1" feed hose for a 12V. 3/4" max and actually 5/8" works really well. On bigger intake line requires 12v to work harder just to get it to the pump. I tried it one time, wouldn’t prime or suck nearly as far

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