12V Concrete Sealer Applicator

Going to be bidding on a project for cleaning and sealing roughly 30,000 Ft2 of concrete block wall.

Specs call for Deco 20. Conservatively estimating about 175 gallons of sealer to be applied.

Since I would buy 55 gallon drums, I was thinking about buying a Remco 1.0 GPM pump and a small 12V battery to mount on the top of the drum with a drop tube through the bung. The pumps have 3/8" ports so I was thinking of 50’ of 3/8 non-collapsible hose with a sprayer gun on the end.

I could also strap the drums to a dolly that I could easily push along as I move along.

Anyone ever do something similar? how did it work out?

I made one for bleach application before I got a ‘real’ 12v system. It’s a 2.2 pump with 14ah battery, fits in one of those plastic ‘ammo’ boxes. I used it quite a bit last year to apply concrete sealer, makes fast work of it.

I was thinking a 2.2 might be too much, did you get a lot of puddling or were you able to control that with different fan tips?

Oh it’s perfect, I did have to test out a few fan tips to get the right application spread.

What did you end up using as the sprayer wand? and what size tips did you find worked the best?

1gpm is gonna be pretty slow. My sprayer system has a 2.2 and is pretty efficient, although I wish it was a little bigger, with a 25055 nozzle

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We did literally that for 5 gallon buckets of sealer. Used the Chapin wand & trigger components and braided hose (bc we had it). Put a screen filter with a little weight on your drop into the barrel to make sure it stays at the bottom. We used the cheapest 12v Amazon had (Everflo 1gpm for like $30). Initially we had it and the small battery mounted on a bucket top with a carrying sling, but going to soon put it on an anti-tip hinge built into a cart. Just build it onto something you can clamp on the top of the drum, have a spare pump, wand, and a few tips. Batteries will probably wind up being your biggest hassle at that volume.

Run a little diluted stripper through it at the end of the day, then water.

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If you’ve got that much to spray, get a regular sized 12v battery. You can get one for $125 or less., Get a chapin brass wand and several different tips. Grainger has them or most stain places. Go with at least a 1.5 or the 2.2 will work.
I’ve got a couple different ones. For big jobs or rough terrain, use the wagon mounted. For small jobs and decks use the self contained unit


I like that idea for jobs smaller than this one. I have another job booked for April that’s about a 1500 ft2 pool patio. I will probably do something similar for that.

I like the wagon.

The drums will stay on my utility trailer with about 50’ worth of hose coming off of it to spray.

The 10’ wall sits on the apex of a 10’-15’ hill. Luckily we will be able to drive along the curb the entire way with some gates in between to go to the other side.

The wagon they say will hold 900 lbs. I’ve put a 15gal tank on it, but most the time just use that 5 because on rough terrain can get tippy with anything real big on it.

yep, definitely not enough for that, but the concepts are the same.

Thanks for all of the replies!

I’ll keep everyone posted on the project. The masonry contractor approved it, but it still has to be approved by the site owner. Pretty excited for this one, and hoping it get’s final approval, it ould make for some great advertising opportunities.

I have a buddy with a HD drone that can get some fly overs and some cool videos of us.

Are you using a water-based sealant with that rig?