12V Auxiliary supply pump

Hey guys, new to the forum here. I’ve tried researching many terms and keywords and have come up empty handed.

I have a direct drive diesel burning washer mounted on my trailer with 2 1000 litre totes. I understand the triplex pump needs the 12v supply pump to feed.

I have seen its okay to run the 12V pump off the washer battery if the battery is upgraded from “lawn mower” size to a larger deep cycle.

Does this still apply for when using the burner on the unit?

Besides running my truck for auxiliary charging power and extra isolated batteries that I charge at home after the day.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to supply power to the 12V pump?

The pump is ~5gpm pulling max 15amps.

Thanks in advance.


pic of set up?

I’m lost. You’re trying to force feed your hot water machine with a 5gpm 12v pump?


You’re asking about upgrading your hot water machine’s battery in order to run the burner without depleting the battery?

I have no idea how many gallons 1000 litres is but having two for a 5gpm machine seems a bit excessive. Unless, of course, you do a lot of remote washing where running water is unavailable.

I feel like you’re talking about force feeding the direct drive pump with a 12v pump and upgrading the machine’s battery so that you can run the 12v pump from the same battery.

You can do that. Plenty of people have. Personally, I’d rip that direct drive pump off and slap on a gear drive pump with a gear box. WAY more reliable and then you don’t ever have to worry about the 12v pump dying and creating a big restriction in the flow. A gear drive pump will pull water from a tote perfectly fine with no force feeding necessary.

I briefly experimented with a similar situation when I had a direct drive and a buffer tank, using a 110v supply pump. That didn’t last long, I had a hard time finding outlets. A 12v pump producing enough pressure to feed that machine will suck down a battery pretty quick so you’ll want a couple deep cycles.