$1200 Window Cleaning Job Tomorrow

So you folks know I started out as a window cleaning company but quickly evolved to PWing,and wanted to share what I’ve learned about window cleaning and it’s importance to our industry.

I HAVE STOPPED MY PW LEADS ON HomeAdvisor. I LOVE HA/Hate HA because too often the PW leads are won by Bucket Bobs who wash out after several weeks or years, only to be replaced by three new Bucket Bobs. Nontheless, HA provided the leads to make my first year reach almost $90K.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HomeAdvisor for the newbie. IT WILL GIVE YOU THE EXPERIENCE YOU NEED TO BE GREAT AT YOUR GAME!!! PWRA will provide the knowledge to be effective!!!

SO I’ve limited my leads to windows. WHY? Because I upsell almost 50% to PW jobs without having to compete with the Bucket Bobs.

Today I signed up with Mr. Pipeline because that SEO and Google Ads company grew out of our industry. They know the positive AND the negativew ADWORDS, AND THEY SHOULD HAVE A PRETTY GOOD HANDLE ON WHAT WE NEED TO SUCCEED SEO-WISE AS WELL.

BAck to the topic: As PWing wanes as a business model for thew next few weeks or months depending on where you live, window cleaning and the fine help of the WCRA (sister site) Window Cleaning Resource | Community
might serve you well. They’ve certainly served ME well!


Window cleaning job went great!

Client so happy that they asked us to return to clean the bay doors on Sunday morning in preparation for a company inspection

They asked about quarterly window cleaning, and after the bay door job yesterday I sent them a video of a bay door being cleaned. . I am proposing a quarterly service to include bay doors, surface cleaning, and, of course windows all from a Google search for window cleaner. I anticipate an annual income from this job of just under $4k.

The point I seek to make is that window cleaning is a natural associate of PWing, and that I find them to compliment each other nicely. Seldom do I go out on a window cleaning job that I don’t see PWing needed, and often upsell these jobs just like I did this commercial job. All I did was to tell the manager that I would make myself available to them this weekend to pressure wash or surface clean in preparation for their inspection…


For a video of window cleaning with WFP outside and ladder work inside


This is a video of the bay door cleaning that I sent the client. Wait for the money shot at the end!

[Cleaning bay doors | Scrubbing bay doors | By Mr. Sparkle 757, Elite Window Cleaner and Pressure Pro | Facebook]
(Cleaning bay doors | Scrubbing bay doors | By Mr. Sparkle 757, Elite Window Cleaner and Pressure Pro | Facebook)


You the man. Good job.

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Great job George!

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The encomium (look that word up) of both my mentors. What a great way to start the week.

Hey @squidskc, how about starting a gutter cleaning thread?


Thanks for sharing!

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Check arrived today for $1504.50. Gosh I love this business!


Way to go. I’ve been using Mr. Pipeline for about a year now and I’ll never look back. They do a fantastic job and their customer service is second to none.


Alright… fine. I’m gonna check out Mr. Pipeline.

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I’m also going to hire him . I need to get set up to handle more work first though otherwise it would be a waist of money

You won’t regret it. I know they handle my self and at least 3 other pw companies that I refererred. These guys should be experts as far as pressure washing goes by now.

My first month with them was great. It was more than worth it. They kept me in the loop on what was going on. It’s the best customer service I’ve experienced in a long time

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I’m now in my third week, and Taylor and her team are STILL straightening out my google page(s) and they’ve been totally involved with all of my business listings. Found things that Broadly missed. So far a very good experience, and I’m hopeful that they’ll start my google adwords next week. Did you know that gutter cleaning clicks cost more than pressure washing costs more than windows?

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It was explained to me that Google sets the rates based on your area. I don’t have a lot of competition compared to other areas so mine is kinda high but I’m getting calls and making money so for now I don’t mind. Once spring gets here I’ll start putting money towards SEO and eventually drop AdWords

If you don’t have much competition you should be getting cheap clicks.


I say I don’t. There’s not but about a 1/2 dozen of us that I know of. I don’t know how all that stuff works. But I’m getting calls. I’m going to research and learn more about it but as long as whatever they’re doing is making me money it’s worth it.

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Why? You’re already first page with your Google local listing and your website under pressure washing Kansas City. I didn’t search any other keywords though.


pressure washing Kansas City
power washing Kansas City
house washing Kansas City

You rank first page with your google local listing and your website both. Whoever is doing your SEO seems to be doing pretty darn good. 45 5 star reviews aren’t hurting anything either. Great job.

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Window cleaning Chesapeake Va your website is first page and your google local listing is one slot out of first page.The right Adwords campaign can get you to the very top, but your competition can cost you some money. Click, Click, Click. When my Google local listing is first page, I can’t keep up with phone calls.