12 volt soaping

Any of you guys applying house wash with a 12 volt? If so what is your mix? We use fresh wash and 12.5 and was thinking it may be faster to apply with our 12 volt with one guy and have the other guy rinsing right behind. Is this effective?

That’s how we do it.

What is your mix ratio if you do not mind sharing? We have been DS but thinking of switching up.

If I make 50 gl house mix I do 5 gl SH 45 water and 1/4 cup roof snot. We run 2 pressure washer I soap a side and we both rinse and move right around the home.

Do you have enough with 50 gal to soap a house?
i’ve been thinking about soaping with the delavan and rinse with the PW for some time but i didnt think it was effective.

Yes it about 40 to 50 for a nice size house. I been cleaning like this for 5 yrs and love it. I use lemon aid to hide the SH smell.

Soft Washing New Cumberland, PA - May 6, 2013 - YouTube

Cool! i’m going to try that next time. Thanks

Any questions just ask!

Any questions just ask!

We do the same with the fatboy and rinse with a hypro pump at 10 gpm. Our mix depending on siding is 2 gals sh to 33 gals water but we are setting up a new trailer now with a bigger mix tank.

So 5 gal Sh per 60 gal mix would be strong enough?

What type siding? For most I should be plenty.

If you have only one machine and 2 or more workers, yes a 12v would help with speed. BUT if you are trying to get rid of DS with your PW, the PW is much easier and faster if you have more than 1 machine.

Hi Eric. In the video I noticed that you had very little dwell time. Is this typical for softwashing? I pressure washed quite a few houses, back in the mid 90’s when softwashing wasn’t that well known and I could have never gotten away with almost zero dwell time. I really like the idea of softwashing, just for the fact that you aren’t using ladders and you aren’ t holding a P/W wand up for twenty minutes at a time! I’ll be 50 in two days and I really want to make things as easy as possible…if ya’ know what I mean!

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For the most of time I soap and can rinse right away.If it has mold growing I will let it sit for 5 to 10 min then rinse.

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Lemon aid? Please explain

Masks the smell of SH. It is great stuff.

Ok one more question. Is the KURI TEC the best chem hose? It is what we use now on one rig and about to set up another.

Yes that’s is what we use, ours is 5/8 hose.